MTV VMAs 2011

Whatcha Say: The Good, The Bad & The Calderone In This Week’s Reader Comments

Robbie Daw | September 2, 2011 - 5:30 pm

With the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards now in the rear view mirror, we’re able to pinpoint several watercooler moments that the event offered up. That said, our readers were divided on how they felt about the show overall, and they certainly seemed to have a love or hate attitude toward the omnipresence of Lady… More »

Maroon 5’s “Moves Like Jagger” Moves To #1, No Thanks To The VMAs

Becky Bain | August 31, 2011 - 4:32 pm

Though Maroon 5 was left out of this past weekend’s VMA festivities, it appears Adam Levine – who has made it perfectly clear how he feels about modern day MTV – doesn’t need a moon man to score a #1 hit.  “Moves Like Jagger” has finally topped the Hot 100, making the whistle-happy tune the… More »

The Morning Mix: Adam Levine Hates On The VMAs

Becky Bain | August 31, 2011 - 5:00 am

Did You Hear?

:: Not everyone tuned into the 2011 MTV VMAs — Maroon 5’s Adam Levine continued his anti-VMA rant to E! News: “I remember when I was a kid I worshiped the VMAs,” he said. “It was a celebratory day that represented what the channel stood for.”And now? “It’s sad. It’s… More »

Lady Gaga Takes Dressing Like A Man Very Seriously, Wears Fake Penis At VMAs

Becky Bain | August 30, 2011 - 2:55 pm

First Lady Gaga has a penis, then she doesn’t have a penis, now she has a penis again? Make up your mind, Gaga! According to Us Weekly, the gender-bending pop star wore a prosthetic phallus in addition to men’s clothing (and underwear!) while playing her male alter-ego Jo Calderone at the 2011 MTV VMAs. Gaga… More »

2011 MTV VMAs: Most Watched Ever

Erika Brooks Adickman | August 29, 2011 - 5:17 pm

Did you catch the VMAs last night? According to the show’s ratings you did — along with 12.4 million other viewers. The 28th annual Music Video Awards were the highest rated in the ever and reportedly the “most-watched single telecast in MTV’s history.” (Take that, Jersey Shore) Was it the performances? The touching Amy WinehouseMore »

Review Revue: The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

Robbie Daw | August 29, 2011 - 3:47 pm

If you sat through last night’s MTV Music Video Awards, then you’ve likely got an opinion on how well the show played. (We went ahead and listed the six moments we felt were upbeat highlights.) Regardless of which artists won moon men or lost out, we couldn’t help wondering what the Internet at large thought… More »

2011 MTV Video Music Awards: Our Readers’ Picks Vs. The Actual Winners

Robbie Daw | August 29, 2011 - 10:41 am

Last week we rolled the crystal ball onto the table, called upon some cosmic ESP energy and predicted who would win in the Best Pop Video, Best Female Video, Best Male Video and Video Of The Year categories at the 2011 MTV VMAs. We also asked readers to weigh in with their picks. The good… More »

Jay-Z Celebrates Beyonce’s Baby Bump, Rocks “Otis” With Kanye West At VMAs

Kim Persse | August 29, 2011 - 9:45 am

It’s official: Jay-Z is a daddy-to-be. And the larger-than-life rapper couldn’t have appeared more thrilled about the news, which wife Beyonce broke with a one-two punch of baby-bump stunts — one on the red carpet (who was best dressed at the VMAs, anyway?), one onstage after her dazzling performance of “Love On Top” — at… More »

When Britney Spears Met Jo Calderone (PHOTOS)

Erika Brooks Adickman | August 29, 2011 - 9:30 am

We thought nothing could ever come close to the 2003 VMA kiss between Britney Spears and Madonna — we were wrong. Last night a “good old fashioned American man and a good old fashioned American girl” took to the stage at the 28th annual Video Music Awards, as Jo Calderone (Lady Gaga’s male alter ego/Ralph… More »

2011 MTV Video Music Awards: The 6 Most Memorable Moments

Robbie Daw | August 29, 2011 - 9:20 am

The performances have all been staged and the awards have all been handed out. But now that the dust is settling on the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, we’re realizing that there were definitely more than a handful of standout moments during the glitzy music shindig. Head below for our assessment of the six highlights… More »

2011 MTV VMA Red Carpet: Which Pop Star Is Best Dressed? (PHOTOS)

Erika Brooks Adickman | August 29, 2011 - 8:07 am

The 2011 MTV VMAs have officially come and gone. Now it’s time vote for the most important category of the night: Best Dressed. From Nicki Minaj’s bizarre ensemble, to Adele’s big diva hair, to Beyonce’s beautifully adorned baby bump — someone simply has to be crowned! So sound off in the comments below with your… More »

2011 MTV Video Music Awards: The Winners

Robbie Daw | August 29, 2011 - 7:41 am

By now you’ve watched all the live performances from last night’s MTV Video Music Awards — some, probably repeatedly. (We personally can’t get enough of Adele’s touching, classy moment with “Someone Like You”!) But, oh, right — there were also actual awards handed out! Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” swept the night by nabbing four… More »

2011 MTV VMAs: The Performances — UPDATED

Idolator Staff | August 28, 2011 - 11:59 pm

The big night has finally arrived! At last year’s MTV Video Music Awards, we were treated to show-stopping performances by the likes of Eminem and Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Florence + The Machine. This year’s lineup is possibly even more enticing, with Lady Gaga, Jessie J, Adele, Bruno Mars, Lil Wayne, The Throne, and… More »

2011 MTV Video Music Awards: Live Blog Coverage

Robbie Daw | August 28, 2011 - 11:57 pm

The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards kick off tonight at 9 p.m. EST, and we’re here, live-blogging all the action as it goes down. We all know we can expect sure-to-be eye-popping performances from Lady Gaga, Chris Brown, Adele and Bruno Mars, as well as a tribute to the one and only Ms. Britney Spears. More »

Miley Cyrus: 2011 MTV VMA Black Carpet

Erika Brooks Adickman | August 28, 2011 - 8:25 pm

Miley Cyrus was looking pretty tame as she walked the black carpet at the 2011 MTV VMAs. The recently named Worst Cover artist donned a very mature long sleeved, scoop back gown which covered most of the smoking pop star’s many tattoos. Do you think the Gypsy Heart singer’s dress is “pretty cool”? … More »

Nicki Minaj: 2011 MTV VMA Black Carpet (PHOTOS)

Erika Brooks Adickman | August 28, 2011 - 7:10 pm

The usual question celebs get on the red carpet is, “Who are you wearing?” For Nicki Minaj’s arrival at the 2011 MTV VMAs, however, the question was, “What are you wearing?!” The “Turn Me On” singer stepped onto the black carpet at L.A.’s Nokia Theater dressed in what can only be described as a fashion… More »

Beyonce Is Pregnant! Knowles Announces Baby News on MTV VMAs Red Carpet

Kim Persse | August 28, 2011 - 7:07 pm

Beyonce and Jay-Z are expecting their first child together. Ms. Sasha Fierce herself made the news public at the MTV Video Music Awards, where she adorably cradled her perfect baby bump over that smashing lipstick-red gown on the black carpet. (Reps for Beyonce have confirmed the news). Details on B’s show-stealing announcement below. … More »

Katy Perry: 2011 MTV VMA Black Carpet

Erika Brooks Adickman | August 28, 2011 - 6:50 pm

There’s no denying that Katy Perry was pretty in pink as she arrived on MTV’s black carpet for the 2011 VMAs. The California girl was looking more like a harajuku girl in her Japanese inspired mini-dress and umbrella as she posed for the cameras. Judging by the Best Collaboration winner’s tweet earlier today, the pop… More »

Jessie J: 2011 MTV VMA Black Carpet (PHOTOS)

Erika Brooks Adickman | August 28, 2011 - 5:40 pm

Jessie J wasn’t going to let a little foot injury keep her from shining at the 2011 MTV VMAs. In fact, the Brit pop star found a way to make it work to her advantage. The formerly purple-haired songbird donned a rhinestoned black-one piece with matching white rhinestoned tights and bedazzled crutches and cast. Check… More »

Selena Gomez: 2011 MTV VMAs Black Carpet (PHOTOS)

Erika Brooks Adickman | August 28, 2011 - 4:34 pm

Selena Gomez was one of the first pop stars to step onto MTV’s black carpet this evening for the 28th annual VMAs. The pre-show host’s sophisticated black gown, up-swept hairdo and gold pumps were so glamorous, we can’t even say the Richest Teen Celeb list maker is dressed to the nines. Tonight the pop starlet… More »

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