Lorde Teases New Music In TV Commercial

Christina Lee | February 27, 2017 10:15 am
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A new TV ad starring Lorde aired on New Zealand network TVNZ1 last night (February 26), hinting of music to come.

Lorde and another passenger sit in a vehicle, chewing and drinking out of soda cups, with jangling guitars playing in the background. Two dates flash on the screen: March 2 for New York City, and March 3 for Lorde’s native New Zealand.

This TV spot appears after a now password-protected Republic Records website posted a March 7 release date, though whether that was for a single or album was unclear. Since then, Lorde’s younger sister Indy Yelich urged fans to stay calm.

“People are so impatient for my sisters album to come out but you can’t rush art,” she said on Twitter.

Based on this teaser, however, listeners won’t have to wait much longer for new music anyway. Watch below.

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