Troye Sivan’s Sexy New Single “Bloom” Is An Atmospheric Smash

Mike Nied | May 3, 2018 12:45 am

Troye Sivan rolled out a new song off his sophomore album, and it is another sugary bop. Called “Bloom,” the atmospheric track arrived today (May 3). It was first confirmed in a feature with Dazed in March. In the article, it was described as a gay anthem with lyrics relating to giving up your virginity to a loved one. In a later interview with Coup de Main, the 22-year-old referred to it as “one of the dirtiest songs on the album.” With a writing credit from frequent collaborator Leland, the single exceeds all expectations.

“Take a trip into my garden. I’ve got so much to show ya,” Troye coos to his partner over sparse beats on the opening lines. Sweet synths unfurl across the soundscape as the production builds up to the chorus. “And it’s true, baby. I’ve been saving this for you, baby” he breathily vows. He hits his stride as he moves into a second chorus and rides a wave of sparkling beats to a heady crescendo. “I bloom just for you. Come on, baby, play me like a love song. Every time it comes on I get this sweet desire.”

The accompanying lyric video is a surreal affair. In it, an animated version of the hitmaker sits in a lush garden of blooms. As the track progresses, he floats through a warehouse under iridescent lights. The contrast between the natural shapes and the hard lines of the buildings add some depth to the visual, and it definitely leaves a lasting impression.

Boasting a pristine pop production and a commendable vocal performance from the budding superstar, “Bloom” has everything it needs to become a massive hit. Although the album’s lead single “My My My!” received rave reviews when it dropped in January, it failed to pick up on the charts. His earnest follow-up, “The Good Side,” showed off another dimension. But the folksy ballad did not have much longevity. With any luck, Troye’s latest will become something of a breakthrough moment. Give the new anthem a listen and check out the surreal lyric video up top!


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