Ciara’s Sexy “Ride” Gets An Overhaul By Andre 3000 And Bei Maejor

Andre 3000 recently resurfaced to cover the Beatles for a Nike ad and record the song “Lookin’ For Ya” for Big Boi’s upcoming solo album (alas, that one got axed in a bout of label drama). And since he’s on a roll, ‘dre decided to add some rapping to a remix of Ciara’s naughty sex jam “Ride.” Hear the love below the jump!

[wpaudio url=”//″ text=”Ciara feat. Andre 3000 & Bei Maejor – Ride (Remix)” dl=”0″] Poor CiCi found her “Ride” video getting banned by BET. What? Someone objecting to her suggestive gyrations and relentlessly humping the floor—the nerve!

Maybe this re-swizzed version of the tune (courtesy of Bei Maejor) ought to get a new video, as well—one that’s a bit more tame. It certainly sounds like a completely new song, and Andre 3000 gives this mix an added charm.

Now we’re just wondering where he’ll pop up next?