Ciara’s Sexy “Ride” Gets An Overhaul By Andre 3000 And Bei Maejor

Andre 3000 recently resurfaced to cover the Beatles for a Nike ad and record the song “Lookin’ For Ya” for Big Boi’s upcoming solo album (alas, that one got axed in a bout of label drama). And since he’s on a roll, ‘dre decided to add some rapping to a remix of Ciara’s naughty sex jam “Ride.” Hear the love below the jump!

[wpaudio url="" text="Ciara feat. Andre 3000 & Bei Maejor - Ride (Remix)" dl="0"]

Poor CiCi found her “Ride” video getting banned by BET. What? Someone objecting to her suggestive gyrations and relentlessly humping the floor—the nerve!

Maybe this re-swizzed version of the tune (courtesy of Bei Maejor) ought to get a new video, as well—one that’s a bit more tame. It certainly sounds like a completely new song, and Andre 3000 gives this mix an added charm.

Now we’re just wondering where he’ll pop up next?

  • John

    See, now this is a jam that I would want to pump in the car with the windows down. This summer is becoming jam-tastic!

  • Shantese

    not a fan of this “remix”. It sounds like every other “pop” song out right now. Ride is sensual, all the supposed sex is implied, guess we know where these nigs heads are, and since it’s sensual it shouldn’t have some i’ma jump and down in a club vibe to it. Ciara has enough of those songs. She’s a grown ass woman, let her act like it. And I love how the sex channel of America has banned probably the least sex song in the last eight years. Let’s see if they’ll ban Ludacris’s Sex Room.

  • santiagojv

    Could you tell me where could i download the remix, please:D?