Kylie Minogue Does “Get Outta My Way” And “All The Lovers” On ‘Chatty Man’

To keep the ball rolling after the global success of her album Aphrodite, Kylie Minogue put on her little black dress and appeared on last night’s episode of UK program Alan Carr: Chatty Man, where the singer belted out “Get Outta My Way.” Kylie recently confirmed in Ibiza that the song will be the second single released from her 11th studio album. Minogue of course also did current single “All The Lovers,” which recently hit #3 on the UK chart. Watch both performances below.

Kylie does “All The Lovers” in a red dress, while her dancers wear…pretty much nothing!

This time wearing black, Ms. Minogue performs new single “Get Outta My Way.”

Kylie taped her appearance for Chatty Man late last week. The BBC reports that Auntie Minogue touched down in Australia today to visit with her sister Dannii and brand new nephew Ethan Edward Smith.

  • Dustin Drorbaugh

    I would love to hear Kylie perform the GET OUTTA MY WAY live without the album’s lead vocals playing in the background. Shes dancing to her lead vocals on the album instead of singing the entire song live. If she cant keep up with it she should pick a different single like Put Your Hands Up which is slower in parts so she can catch her breathe.

  • Jason

    It’s impossible to sing Get Outta my way live! It’s multi layered! Doh!!

    A great interview – her most relaxed to date.

  • Jay

    It’s not that she can’t keep up, it’s the song. If you listen to it, you’ll hear that her vocals overlap…so it’s impossible for her to sing the entire song. I agree that although it’s a great song, maybe not the best choice to perform live.

  • darren

    i agree with the comments above kylies sings her own harmonys and backing which are recorded on different ocasions and the put together therfore impossible for kylie to sing all the vocals live! on this perfrmance i have really enjoyed watching kylie singing and dancing GREAT PERFORMANCE!!

  • LJKerr

    does anyone know where to find a dress similar to the black one she wore after prforming all the lovers??? its sooo nice!!