Britney Spears Shamelessly Announces “I Wanna Go” As Her Next Single

May 10th, 2011 // 19 Comments

It’s about to get more difficult to keep both hands above the blanket when the light’s out, folks. Britney Spears must have seen our poll asking Idolator readers which Femme Fatale track should be her next single, because the sleepy starlet has wisely chosen to heed our advice. Team Britney has confirmed that “I Wanna Go” will indeed be released next, with the video set to shoot later this month. So while Brit-Brit preps her her summer tour with Nicki Minaj, we’ll all be rocking out to one of the formerly-wedded pop diva’s best songs ever. Shame on us. Read more below.

How will “I Wanna Go” fare in the charts? It’s a Femme Fatale standout, produced by svengali Max Martin and written by Savan Kotecha (who’s penned Glee‘s “Loser Like Me”) is even more of a straight-up dance song than previous singles “Hold It Against Me” and “Till The World Ends,” but with its insanely catchy whistle-hook and Britney’s irresistible naughty sex-kitten vocal delivery, we’d be surprised if she didn’t have another Top 10 hit on her hands (below the blanket or otherwise).

Do you think fans will wanna go too?


  1. Roger

    Best song in the album!


  3. myles

    hell yes! me and my friend have been listening to that obsessively since the album came out and have been saying the whole time! it is DEFINITELY meant to be a single!

  4. So Excited to hear this blasting through cars and in clubs!

  5. Very good choice for the 3rd single…I I I Wanna Go-O-O )))))

  6. schroeder

    I like the song but I feel Big Fat Bass would of been better.

  7. Oh good, so we did learn something from that “If U Seek Amy” debacle.

  8. For the SUMMER this is an exact song.

  9. Ceevox

    Britney became totally needless act in both – music and show biz today!
    I mean, you have Gaga who can sing, dance, talk, she’s becoming real movement… You still have Madonna and Kylie…
    And what about Britney? She’s like a virtual star: she cannot sing, she cannot dance, she cannot even speak! All she was able to say in GMA was “It’s cool. I love it.”
    I loved her, but she has absolutely lost the race.
    I don’t wanna listen her autotuned voice and the same song for 10 years, when you have some real artists like Gaga, Madonna and Kylie on the scene!

    • Ceevox, you don’t like her music and singing, so DON’T COMMENT hear. Hate such stupid unbased thoughts…don’t spit your negative out…we love Britney and Femme Fatale is the best album of the year 2011.

    • Ceevox, you don’t like her music and singing, so DON’T COMMENT hear. Hate such stupid unbased thoughts…don’t spit your negative out…we love Britney and Femme Fatale is the best album of the year 2011.

  10. I like the song, It’s really really exciting.


  11. Why

    Britney is NOT a “Kylie” or a “Gaga”

    Britney is a totally different act.

    Even the press says that Gaga’s new CD is NOT comparable to what Britney put out.

    It’s not 50/50 – it’s just totally 2 different girls

    Not to mention Britney has kids and is iconic to say the least. Gaga is of course popular NOW but most pop stars get about 10 years and Britney is still in the game..

    and don’t forget that Britney was here since 99…back when Facebook, Twitter, YouTube didn’t even exist yet. She did her time and became an icon when it was HARD to sell a music.

  12. Ceevox

    U r Britney fan obviously and I am fan of the music.
    In one thing u’re not right! It;s harder now to sell music then in the 90s or early 00s!
    Britney has a classic “corporate puppet” as one have said… She only has a name used by her record label, nothing more… It’s really sad whatching her cannot dance, sing or even speak! So she’d better stay home and be with kids.
    Gaga is an amazing performer and that is what will keep her on top like Madonna or Kylie…
    With every performance, like the last one on Oprah you can see something incredible, that brings so much energy, like Madonna used to do…
    Not to mention an amazing tour, a lot of ideas…
    Britney has not bad songs, though her style never changed since the very beginning, she has tour that costs, good dancers and choreographers and the only thing not good up there is her. I love her as a persone and I’m sorry because of the dificulties she had in life, pre black out phase, but she is not in the music and show biz, she lost the race not today, but years ago…

    • So what…”words, words and words”…
      You are like Gaga’s manager trying to degrade Britney
      Britney’s got her own style in music..and it has been transforming through the years..
      You know, Britney’s still winning cause people like you never stop talking about her no matter what you say…negative or positive….
      And one thing: on the stage Britney’s energy is more powerful than any others even when she’ll stand just there doing nothing

  13. There’ll be times when GAGA WILL GO DOWN…like Britney was Xtina was…and we see now that Beyonce is on that way…only after that we’ll talk about who’s still on the race )))

  14. i love britt so much….,,.. thats all i can matter what,….,,,,,..

  15. good song,I like it.

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