Jennifer Lopez And Marc Anthony File For Divorce

Well, this is shocking — Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony have announced that they are getting a divorce. We guess we now know why J-Lo’s album is called Love? with a question mark instead of a exclamation point.

“We have decided to end our marriage,” the American Idol judge and the Latin singer told People in a joint statement. “This was a very difficult decision. We have come to an amicable conclusion on all matters.”

The statement continues: “It is a painful time for all involved and we appreciate the respect of our privacy at this time.”

The couple have been married since 2004 and have two 3-year-old twins, Emme and Max. This isn’t the first divorce for either party — Anthony was previously married to Miss Universe Dayanara Torres until they split in 2003, and Lopez was previously married to Ojani Noa and Cris Judd. She was also briefly engaged to Ben Affleck.

No word on what this means for their upcoming reality talent show ¡Q’Viva! The Chosen.

Are you shocked at this news? Try and relive the good times from their courtship by checking out our Top 5 Favorite J-Lo & Marc Anthony Performances.

[Via People]

  • Nyan

    Well that’s shocking…

  • abeljose19

    Shocking indeed.

  • josue

    That’s sad to hear. They seemed like a great couple. I’m sure she had said befor that the kids were what keep them together. Hopefully they continue with their new tv show.

  • Why

    Shocking? No. Expected it? At some point. Seriously they’re celebrities. They never last. I’m more interested in Jlo’s tv shows and music than anything from Marc Anthony resume.

  • sally

    They put up a very big front for a while now. That is just sad.

  • Mariz

    Well, not surprising! Celebrities are sleazy and the hell I care!!!!!!

  • Nyan

    Then why are you here Mariz?

  • jenn

    This is no surprise to me . she sucks the blood out of you and move on to the next guy . I ca not wait until i see who she uses next

  • mary

    No surprise to me . JLO is a user and she is with men that will benifit her. she is self centered and very materailistic . I can not wait until I see the next guy she uses . oh and thanks jenn I won my bet that you would never make it with marc and the last 3 you had
    oh just stick with acting your singing career to me is over and you do not got it anymoreand your wait is an issue especially when you can not dance anymore . What happened ???

  • Lola

    simply what goes around comes around lol mark anthony had a wonderful family well jlo was single lol

  • MC

    Well it’s not shocking to me that she’s dumped her husband AGAIN for the third time now Jennifer Lopez does not know what unconditional Love is and the question mark will always remain for her because she still is into herself. She does not cares about any one else but herself proven fact even more now after having children it doesn’t stops her from getting another divorce not caring who gets hurt her poor family. From the outside you can tell Marc has been so passive and has allowed her to have her crown but my gosh! he created a monster doing that oops she’s been a monster and sorry to say for Marc who left his family to be with J.Lo in this life “What goes around comes around” now you have a taste of your medicine on how you broke your ex wife’s heart Dayanara Torres for what??? a woman who is selfish and only cares for herself let’s not forget that Marc’s ex wife has suffered and been depressed over the break up and she has written a book for ppl to be inspired and get over that horrible time she had to deal with loosing her husband and being a single mother so he should go pick up that book and start reading for therapy. Also I’m a huge fan of Marc but I call it how I see it.

  • ruby

    i dont think JLO is a user. she is a very beautiful woman and she can have any man she wants, what about his relationship with cris judd? her backup dancer how do u think she used him? she couldve just been with someone more popular, this woman knows how to love its just sad that she dont seem to get what she needs, maybe the other men used her not otherwise.

  • ruby

    u guys are harsh on JLO coz she’s the woman but did u ever think, marc anthony is the “bad guy”from the start. hell yeah, JLO was single, marc anthony was married with dayanara torres, yet he flirted with jlo and even married her after 4 days of divorce. he just impregnates all women he’s with and leaves them. he’s got a temper and very controlling, any woman wouldnt want a man like that. so pls don’t judge JLO!

  • Deeno San

    Well it was about time that Marc Anthony came to his senses and drop that Selena
    ” WANNABEE ” . All she is looking for is to be with someone famous to make it in
    Hollywood porque sola, hell she won’t make it. I guess now she will go back black
    burro she was shacked up with and well ” That’s where she belongs ” . Good show
    Marc letting that loser wannabe go .

  • Deeno San

    She woll definitelygo back to that rapper she was with just you watch.

  • Kayla

    Ya’ll are such haterz. You don’t even know JLO and feel the right to judge? I bet most of you have never even been married, let alone in a long enough relationship to know what it’s like to deal with the issues of it. And of course the Hispanics wanna talk ish and say she’s ‘goin back to the black man’. Wow. Must of really bothered bothered you in the first place. LOL, maybe that’s the problem! Maybe she needs to marry a brotha! Marc Anthony was most likely the stereotypical Puerto Rican man……conceited, jealous, and insecure. I say JLO just freed herself from a miserable life.

  • mary lembi

    How very tragic, Dear Lord, this poor girl, now with 2 kids, and another
    spilt, WOW! now that’s hard, I pray she recieve a blessing from God,
    just to walk in peace, in her life, We don’t know? How her husband is
    in private life with her, or how she must be with him. I really hope these
    2 people, get to where, they are to get too.

    Sincerely In Christ, Mary.

  • Kimberly

    Honestly I think after being married 3 time I just feel that she should take the time 2 zen out and focus on that it is okay to not be in a relationship right now.Focus that time and energy on the kids.

  • “Get Silly”

    I am very sorry to hear this news. I am not one to Judge, I pray for happiness for all envolved, especially the children. Goodluck J Lo! Just keep your head held high….

  • sandra

    so sadd :(