Ed Sheeran Sings Of Desperation In “I’m A Mess”: Listen

Ed Sheeran sings of desperation in the lovely yet nervous “I’m A Mess,” which he debuted to celebrate his new album x (out today, June 23). To his guitar, Sheeran sings of being tortured by his own thoughts (“Searching for that sweet surrender, but this is not the end”) – as proven when he performed an acoustic-only rendition, a setting that works just fine. But “I’m A Mess” really shines when Sheeran’s joined by a few spare electric guitar notes, backing vocals and a beating drum, as he sings “Put your faith in my stomach.”

Yes, it’s hard to tell exactly what he means by that. But hey, love is goofy and unrequited love can turn anyone and everyone into a nervous wreck – that’s Sheeran’s point. Hear “I’m A Mess” below.

Ed Sheeran’s x — tracklist: 1. One 2. I’m A Mess 3. Sing 4. Don’t 5. Nina 6. Photograph 7. Bloodstream 8. Tenerife 9. Runaway 10. The Man 11. Thinking Out Loud 12. Afire LoveDeluxe tracks: 1. Take It Back 2. Even My Dad Does Sometimes 3. Shirtsleeves 4. I See Fire

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