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T.I. Joins Lady Gaga To Perform “Jewels & Drugs” For The First Time: Watch

When Lady Gaga debuted “Jewels & Drugs,” featured rapper T.I. couldn’t join her. “They wouldn’t let him into the country for me,” she wailed at London’s iTunes Festival, before she urged the crowd to put their hands up for T.I.’s label imprint Hustle Gang. Fortunately, T.I. had no problem strolling into Gaga’s Madison Square Garden show to perform his ARTPOP verse for the first time.

For the sold-out crowd, and for those keeping track of Gaga’s artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball tour, it was a brief but memorable highlight. T.I. spit and busted his GIF-worthy dance moves to his and Too $hort‘s verses. (Born to Mack, forever.) Gaga briefly played hype man, before she and T.I. descended below the stage with her leg wrapped around his body, reestablishing what she first told fans about the unexpected collaboration: “I’m a fan of all different kinds of music. Aren’t you?

See T.I.’s surprise cameo at Lady Gaga’s Madison Square Garden show below. More »

Whatcha Say: Katy Perry, Lady Gaga And Jennifer Lopez Got Our Readers Talking

TGIF, Idolator readers! First things first: It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday! Make sure you’re in a motherly state of mind by listening to our playlist of odes from our favorite pop mamas to their babies.

This past week saw the premiere of not one, but two major pop diva world tours — Lady Gaga‘s artRAVE and Katy Perry‘s Prismatic World Tour. Katy’s concert drew some unexpected attention from Gaga, who evidently put aside her #PromoteOnilneKindness campaign briefly to send a subtweet the Prism singer’s way. Naturally, the Twitterverse got all riled up.

Plus, Lily Allen dropped her cheeky, Internet-checking Sheezus, Lana Del Rey casually dropped the tracklisting and cover art for Ultraviolence, and Jennifer Lopez revealed the sultry cover of her upcoming studio album, A.K.A. Speaking of, this week’s Ibrawlator rages on between legendary divas Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey. Have you voted on your favorite album cover between the two yet?

As always, you guys had plenty to say. Check out the week’s best comments below! More »

Lady Gaga Shades Katy Perry In A Subtweet: See Her “Green Hair And Mechanical Horses” Jab

As the self-appointed ambassador of online kindness, Lady Gaga is known for keeping it cute on Twitter. Which makes the fact that she just fired shots at Katy Perry in a shady subtweet all the more remarkable. “It looks like green hair and mechanical horses are the thing now,” tweeted Mother Monster in a thinly veiled reference to her rival’s Prismatic tour, which launched in Belfast yesterday (May 7).

To put things into perspective, Katy rocks a fluro-green wig in the show and also rides a mechanical horse. So what? Well, Gaga arrived at last year’s American Music Awards on a white steed and she briefly rocked the same hair color for a shoot with Terry Richardson. Someone really needs to tell the ARTPOP diva that she didn’t invent hair dye or stage props. See her tweet after the jump. More »

Lady Gaga Posed Topless In Just-Surfaced Outtakes From Her 2009 ‘V’ Shoot: See The Sexy, NSFW Pics

Rihanna‘s topless (and bottomless) Lui magazine shoot got everyone talking but Lady Gaga has been pushing similar boundaries since the very beginning. Take her 2009, Mario Testino-helmed shoot for V magazine. She showed copious butt and side-boob but — from the just-surfaced outtakes — she was willing to show a whole lot more.

Once you can get past the outrageous orange spray tan and toplessness, the pics are actually a fascinating walk down memory lane to a time when all Mother Monster had to do was wear a crazy wig to grab headlines. Gaga was just beginning to explode in 2009 and there’s still a rawness about her look that is hugely endearing. See the totally NSFW pics after the jump. More »

Lady Gaga’s artRAVE Kicks Off In Fort Lauderdale: The Setlist, Costumes & On-Stage Nudity

Lady Gaga kicked off her artRAVE tour in Fort Lauderdale, Florida last night (May 4) and delivered a wild and wacky set filled with hits (“Just Dance”, “Born This Way” and “Bad Romance”) and ARTPOP cuts (“Aura”, “Donatella” and “Sexxx Dreams”). She also threw in random buzz track “Cake Like Lady Gaga” and performed unreleased gem “Partynauseous”.

Mother Monster promised fans a visual extravaganza and it looks like she well and truly delivered. The “Applause”-loving diva rocked eight different outfits including an extravagant octopus-inspired ensemble (see above picture) and even treated concertgoers to some eye-popping on-stage nudity. See the full setlist, videos and a pic of Lady Gaga naked at artRAVE after the jump. More »

Whatcha Say: Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey and Adam Lambert Got Our Readers Talking

Happy May and Happy Friday, Idolator readers! This month certainly started off with a bang, courtesy of a legendary industry vet — an elusive chanteuse to be exact! Yes, Mariah Carey certainly stole the show this week with her not-so-surprise surprise announcement of her insanely-titled album. Meanwhile, Ariana Grande and Iggy Azalea got us dancing at the beginning of the week with their sax-heavy summer kiss-off, “Problem.” And then, there were the iHeartRadio Awards which were, well…at least Adam Lambert looked nice in his suit!

This week also saw some major skin-baring, including iHeartRadio winner RiRi stripping down for Lui, Mariah‘s lingerie-baring Wonderland cover and Rita Ora losing her top for Terry Richardson. (We’ve rounded up the best magazine covers of May in the latest Ibrawlator — which one is your favorite?)

Bey & Jay‘s insanely priced On The Run Tour tickets went on sale, which provoked some hilarious reactions, while “Love Never Felt So Good,” the lead single from Michael Jackson’s posthumous Xscape (which features Justin Timberlake!) made its grand debut overnight. Plus, we’re looking back at April and asking you to vote for your favorite record between acts like Iggy Azalea, Kelis and Jason Derulo. Have you voted yet? As always, you guys had plenty to say. Check out the week’s best comments below! More »

Lady Gaga’s Onslaught Of “G.U.Y.” Remixes Continues: Listen To St. Lucia’s Feel-Good Overhaul

Lady Gaga‘s “G.U.Y.” is nowhere to be seen on the Billboard Hot 100 (or any other chart) but that hasn’t stopped Mother Monster releasing an EP of remixes from the likes of Rami Samir Afuni, Lovelife and Wayne G. You can now add South African pop star/producer St. Lucia to the list, and his overhaul of the ARTPOP gem could be the best yet.

While most of the mixes take “G.U.Y.” back to the ’90s with crazy keys and camp synths, Jean-Philip Grobler (his real name) stays true to his unique brand of tropical synth-pop. St. Lucia’s summery version is a horn-filled chill out anthem. Think of this as the perfect soundtrack to your next island getaway or Sunday afternoon in the park. Listen after the jump. More »

It Takes A Village: 10 Pop Hits That Took At Least 6 Writers To Cobble Together, From “Drunk In Love” To “Timber”

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Ahhh. Remember the good ol’ days when it only took one skilled tunesmith to write a hit single? Yeah — our minds don’t stretch back that far, either. In fact, if you have to travel in time, to “Somebody That I Used To Know” in 2012, to find the last single to top the Billboard Hot 100 with only one writer credited to it. (That would be Mr. Gotye himself, Wally de Backer.)

These days, it takes a small army to craft what we naive listeners would deem to be the simplest of songs. Remember Flo Rida‘s “Whistle”? You know — the chart-topping oral sex jam disguised as a radio-friendly, sing-song trifle for the whole family to purse their lips and blow to in the car? That one took no less than half-a-dozen writers to put together.

Below, we rounded up another 10 such pop smashes that required a team of musical geniuses — or at least Pitbull — to pen. Some may surprise you and even shatter the illusion of your favorite artists as unique jacks-of-all-trades, able to dash out catchy hits all by their lonesome.

Carry on to find out the wicked truth behind all the glitter, pop fanatics! More »

Lady Gaga Revisits The ’90s (Again) On The Wayne G Remix Of “G.U.Y.”: Listen

Lady Gaga is really feeling the ’90s right now. Mother Monster tapped rising producer Rami Samir Afuni (the man behind Kiesza‘s breakthrough hit “Hideaway”) to give “G.U.Y.” a retro-house remix from a thoroughly modern perspective and now continues with the nostalgic vibe with a Wayne G remix.

The popular English DJ has been remixing records and playing circuit parties since the mid-’90s, so he knows all about the happy house keys that Lady Gaga is currently obsessed with. Wayne G’s overhaul will appeal to the diva’s mature fans who learned to appreciate a good hand-bag remix the first time around. Listen to the throwback floorfiller after the jump. More »

Lady Gaga’s “G.U.Y.” Goes ’90s House: Listen To Rami Samir Afuni’s Remix

Lady Gaga is standing by ARTPOP and her current single despite the fact that radio and iTunes haven’t exactly been kind to her of late. Mother Monster’s latest endeavor is releasing a “G.U.Y.” remix package, which should be gratefully lapped up by fans starved of new material. And the new mixes are definitely worth a listen, particularly Rami Samir Afuni‘s.

That name might sound familiar to some of you. The New York City-based producer was responsible for Kiesza‘s breakthrough hit “Hideaway”, which topped the UK singles chart this week. He brings a similar ’90s house sound to “G.U.Y.”, letting those magical keys run riot over Gaga’s sassy club anthem. Listen to the retro-tastic remix after the jump. More »