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Miley Cyrus Accused Of Stealing VMAs Look From Fashion Label DI$COUNT UNIVER$E

Was Miley Cyrus’ eye-popping VMAs look stolen from an Australian fashion label? They certainly think so.

Mike Wass / September 1, 2015

Zayn Malik, Madonna, Selena Gomez & More Take Selfies For ‘Interview’ Magazine: 10 Photos

Various celebrities serve their best face for the September issue.

Bianca Gracie / September 1, 2015

Miley Cyrus Shows Off Topless Boobs In Completely NSFW ‘Interview’ Magazine Spread

The above pic is the tamest one, kids. Enter at your own risk!

Robbie Daw / September 1, 2015

Miley Cyrus & Nicki Minaj’s Feud, Explained With Emoji

Jimmy Kimmel proves there’s no issue too complex for emoji.

Carl Williott / September 1, 2015

The Nicki Minaj vs. Miley Cyrus MTV VMAs “Beef” Is Reportedly Real: Morning Mix

Plus Haim gets their own Beats 1 Radio show. Also see which artists will be performing on television today.

Bianca Gracie / September 1, 2015

Watch Miley Cyrus’ Sticky “Dooo It!” Video

Miley dumps all kinds of glittery slime on her face in the video for her new album’s opening track.

Carl Williott / August 31, 2015

Chance The Rapper Calls Out Miley Cyrus For Her 2015 MTV VMAs “Mammy” Comment

The artist is pointing out her off-putting remarks.

Bianca Gracie / August 31, 2015

Tidal Accuses Apple Music Of Stopping Drake’s Lil Weezyana Fest Set From Being Broadcast: Morning Mix

Plus: Zendaya doesn’t take shit from anyone when it comes to her parents. Be sure to also see which artists are performing on TV today.

Christina Lee / August 31, 2015

MTV Video Music Awards 2015 Recap: Nicki Vs. Miley, Kanye For President & Miley’s Nipple

Let’s recap all the madness from tonight’s MTV VMAs.

Carl Williott / August 30, 2015

Miley Cyrus Dropped Her New Album For Free: Stream ‘Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz’

Miley Cyrus releases her new album for free online. Stream it, and see the tracklist and production credits.

Carl Williott / August 30, 2015

Watch Nicki Minaj Strike The Fear Of God Into Miley Cyrus At The MTV Video Music Awards

Miley Cyrus got some epic shade thrown her way by Nicki Minaj.

Carl Williott / August 30, 2015

Miley Cyrus’ Little Sister Denies Dragging Nicki Minaj On Facebook

Noah Cyrus wants you to know that she didn’t take shots at Nicki Minaj in a controversial Facebook post. Read more after the jump.

Mike Wass / August 28, 2015

Miley Cyrus Covers ‘Elle’ UK’s October Issue, Talks Pan-Sexuality & Feminism

Miley rocks a blazer on her latest mag cover.

Carl Williott / August 28, 2015

Miley Cyrus Takes Several Shots At Nicki Minaj In ‘New York Times’ Interview About The VMAs

Miley Cyrus didn’t hold back when asked about Nicki Minaj’s dismay at the VMAs nominations. Find out more after the jump.

Mike Wass / August 27, 2015

Miley Cyrus Frightens America With Sparkly Pasties On ‘Kimmel’: Watch

Miley Cyrus talks tits on the late night show.

Carl Williott / August 27, 2015

Miley Cyrus’ Unreleased Fifth Album Is Already Subject To A Smear Campaign

Miley Cyrus hasn’t even finished recording her fifth album and it’s already being written off as “not very good.” Find out more.

Mike Wass / August 21, 2015

Taylor Swift Receives The Holy Spearit’s Blessing

Britney Spears thinks Taylor Swift is adorable.

Carl Williott / August 18, 2015

Miley Cyrus To Host ‘SNL’ Season Premiere

Miley returns to ‘SNL’ for her third hosting gig.

Carl Williott / August 17, 2015
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