Nicki Minaj’s Killer Cleavage Conquers Instagram: 9 Pics

Apr 23rd, 2014 // Comment
Nicki Gets Sexy
Nicki's sexiest poses for Twitter and Instagram. Read More »

Nicki Minaj has made a point of toning down her image in the lead up to The Print Print — at least as far has her hair and make-up is concerned. The clown paint and crazy wigs have been binned but the femcee hasn’t exactly become a shrinking violet. In fact, her new favorite hobby appears to be showcasing her killer rack on Instagram.

The “Lookin’ Ass” diva has really embraced busty selfies. She went on a posting spree a couple of days ago and picked up where she left off last night (April 23) by sharing eye-popping pics in a clingy white top. We’ve seen a lot more of Nicki’s two biggest hits in the past, so I guess this is kind of demure by her standards. No doubt she will up the ante closer to the album release date. More »

Lorde’s “Tennis Court” Gets A Wonderfully Spacey Remix Courtesy Of Flume: Listen

Apr 23rd, 2014 // Comment
Lorde At Coachella
Lorde made a triumphant debut at Coachella. Read More »

Way back in August last year, Flume tweeted Lorde about writing music together. She readily agreed but nothing ever came of it — until now. Today (April 23), the Australian electro-pioneer debuted a new remix of the 17-year-old’s second single (at least, internationally) “Tennis Court”. And it’s a mind-bending triumph.

If you’re familiar with Flume’s work, you’re well aware that he’s something of a musical alchemist — blending sounds and genres to create beautiful oddities. In his hands, “Tennis Court” is a valium-laced electro-ballad that occasionally explodes with morphed synths and distorted samples. It’s an impressive overhaul that still stays true to Lorde’s original vision. Listen after the jump. More »

Lady Gaga Revisits The ’90s (Again) On The Wayne G Remix Of “G.U.Y.”: Listen

Apr 23rd, 2014 // Comment
Gaga's "G.U.Y." Remixed
Lady Gaga's "G.U.Y." was remixed by Rami Samir Afuni. Read More »

Lady Gaga is really feeling the ’90s right now. Mother Monster tapped rising producer Rami Samir Afuni (the man behind Kiesza‘s breakthrough hit “Hideaway”) to give “G.U.Y.” a retro-house remix from a thoroughly modern perspective and now continues with the nostalgic vibe with a Wayne G remix.

The popular English DJ has been remixing records and playing circuit parties since the mid-’90s, so he knows all about the happy house keys that Lady Gaga is currently obsessed with. Wayne G’s overhaul will appeal to the diva’s mature fans who learned to appreciate a good hand-bag remix the first time around. Listen to the throwback floorfiller after the jump. More »

Katy Perry Introduces Her “Birthday” Video Alter-Egos: Meet Goldie, Yosef, Kriss, Ace and Mandee

Apr 23rd, 2014 // 3 Comments
Katy's "Birthday"
katy perry birthday lyric video
Katy Perry's "Birthday" gets a cute lyric video. Read More »

Katy Perry goes all out when it comes to music videos. The reigning queen of the visual medium (sorry, Lady Gaga) has ventured into outer space, danced with pharaohs in Ancient Egypt and even stopped time. She’s hoping to raise the bar even higher with her much-anticipated “Birthday” video by introducing fans to a cast of quirky characters — a trick she very skillfully pulled with Kathy Beth Terry for “Last Friday Night (TGIF)”.

Yosef, Kriss, Ace, Mandee and Goldie (my personal fave) made their first appearance in Katy’s wacky “Birthday” trailer and promise to wreak even havoc in the finished video, which drops tomorrow (April 24). The Prism diva has been tweeting out individualized posters of her new alter-egos/worst birthday party performers of all time and they’re pretty hilarious. See all five after the jump. More »

Beyonce Picks “Pretty Hurts” As The Next Single From Her Visual Album

Apr 23rd, 2014 // 4 Comments
Sia Talks "Pretty Hurts"
Sia offered the sing to RiRi and Katy Perry first. Read More »

It looks like Beyonce is going with “Pretty Hurts” as the next single from her pioneering visual album. The Sia-penned power ballad, which was originally offered to Rihanna and Katy Perry before landing in Queen Bey’s royal hands, was just added to MTV’s video playlist and is being sent to pop radio in May.

After switching things up with super-explicit club banger “Partition”, the soaring self-help anthem is a much safer choice. It’s easily the most radio-friendly song on Beyonce and the beauty pageant-themed video has universal appeal. Hopefully, Bey will promote “Pretty Hurts” with a TV performance or interview. At this point, even a random tweet would make headlines! More »

Jhene Aiko Loses Her Shirt For ‘GQ’ Magazine: See The Sexy Pic

Apr 23rd, 2014 // Comment
Jhene Aiko Interview
We spoke with Jhene Aiko about new album 'Souled Out'. Read More »

Jhene Aiko is on one hell of roll. After years of feature spots and false starts, the R&B diva’s debut EP Sail Out landed at number eight on the Billboard 200. Breakthrough single “The Worst” is also one of the biggest urban radio hits of 2014 — thanks, in part, to ongoing support from Drake. He even made his Coachella debut during one of her sets.

The 26-year-old bombshell is hoping to raise her profile even further in the lead up to debut LP Souled Out and an eye-popping pictorial in the latest issue of GQ magazine can only help. Jhene posed in black panties and a camouflage-print jacket. She seems to have lost her top but shit happens on photo shoots! See the sexy pic after the jump. More »

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