Ricky Martin Returns With World Music-Flavored Single “Adios” On September 23

Ricky Martin will release a new single called “Adios” on September 23. The tantalizing track was penned by Jesse Shatkin (he co-wrote Sia‘s “Chandelier”), Latin rapper Yotuel Romero and Japanese/Spanish flamenco virtuoso Antonio Rayo. That multi-cultural line-up is apparently reflected in the song’s world music-flavored sound.

“Adios” is the first single from Ricky’s 10th studio album, which is set for an early 2015 release. (I guess that means “Come With Me” and “Adrenalina” didn’t make the cut). “We chose [the song] because it represents who I am today,” the heartthrob explains. “The title is a reference to the opening of another cycle.” The 42-year-old’s last LP Musica + Alma + Sexo was released in 2011. More »

Aretha Franklin Covers Adele, Whitney Houston & Alicia Keys On New Divas-Themed Concept Album

Aretha Franklin is releasing her 39th studio LP on September 30. Wait… what? The news comes as a surprise because the queen of soul is kind of ‘doing a Beyonce‘ — the album isn’t a total secret but details are heavily guarded. Clive Davis, who is overseeing production for Arista Records, did, however, shed some light on the tantalizing project for Billboard.

For starters, it’s a concept album. Aretha will cover classic songs by fellow divas including Adele, Whitney Houston, Barbra Streisand, Alicia Keys, Etta James and Diana Ross. “[The diva's] new album is purely and simply sensational,” Clive says of the unexpected opus. “She’s on fire and vocally in absolutely peak form. What a thrill to see this peerless artist still showing the way, still sending shivers up your spine, still demonstrating that all contemporary music needs right now is the voice.” My iPod is ready. More »

Tinashe’s Breakthrough Hit “2 On” Gets A Belated But Enjoyable House Remix: Listen

Tinashe has done everything right since breaking through with irresistible stoner jam “2 On”. Her follow-up (the A$AP Rocky-assisted “Pretend”) is as close to new Janet Jackson music as we’ll get until she launches that long-overdue comeback, while Aquarius buzz track “Feels Like Vegas” is the sexiest bedroom anthem to surface since Beyonce‘s “Dance For You”.

The only thing missing from the rising diva’s oeuvre is a killer uptempo club anthem. I’m sure that will be addressed on her debut LP, but until that drops, check out Sneaker Snobs‘ winning house overhaul of “2 On”. The Chicago DJ ups the BPM and gets a little experimental with autotune (Schoolboy Q sounds like a chipmunk) on the much-appreciated remix. Listen after the jump. More »

Hilary Duff Opens Up About Recording Ed Sheeran Duet “Tattoo”: “I Was Really Intimidated”

Ed Sheeran has already talked about writing a song for Hilary Duff’s comeback album (he described it as “good” in case you’re wondering) but the former teen queen has been pretty tight-lipped about the whole experience. Well, she finally spilled the tea — revealing the duet’s title (“Tattoo”) and some details about the x singer/songwriter’s creative process.

“He vocally produced it and came in the booth with me,” Hilary told MTV about the much-anticipated collab. “I was really intimidated because, normally, they don’t do that, so I kept looking up and being like, ‘You’re Ed Sheeran and I’m singing the song that you wrote and I want to do right by it’. Happily, it all turned out well.” It was awesome and then he, in like 15 minutes, did all the low stuff and the harmonies and the background.” Can’t wait to hear it. More »

The Veronicas Get It Just Right With Their Epic “You Ruin Me” Video: Watch The Twisted Ballet Drama

Black Swans

After years of label limbo, The Veronicas kicked off their long-awaited comeback with tortured ballad “You Ruin Me” last week. The semi-orchestral, hate-drenched break-up anthem is a massive departure from the catchy pop/rock of global hits “Untouched” and “4Ever” but it’s a great reminder of both their songwriting and vocal prowess.

The video arrived today (September 18) and it’s something of a blockbuster. Filmed at Sydney’s State Theatre, Jess and Lisa perform the song on stage while a twisted back story about a jealous ballerinas and a particularly creepy instructor unfolds. It’s weird, twisted and strangely beautiful. Kind of like the song. Get acquainted with The Veronicas 2.0 up top. More »

Jessie J And Ariana Grande Ditch Nicki Minaj For A Rapless Version Of “Bang Bang”: Listen

This is kind of shady. Jessie J and Ariana Grande have released a rap-free version of (late-)summer smash “Bang Bang”. That, dear friends, means that Nicki Minaj‘s cute verse is no longer with us. It’s not that uncommon for a featured artist to be removed for a remix but the whole appeal of the song is that it brought together three very different divas.

What we’re left with is a migraine-inducing scream-off between the British comeback queen and mini Mariah. Jessie’s powerful pipes win that battle (easily) but Nicki’s absence is palpable. Hopefully, this isn’t an official release and never finds its way to iTunes or the Barbz will revolt. On the bright side, this version gives you a whole new appreciation for the original. Listen after the jump. More »

Miley Cyrus Faces A Fine Or Jail Time Following Flag Spank While Twerking On Stage

Miley Is In A Butt-Load Of Trouble

Miley Cyrus could reportedly find herself hauled off to the slammer for 36 hours or, at the very least, paying a $1,200 fine that lawmakers have issued following an incident on stage where — get ready — Miley’s dancers spanked her with a Mexican flag while she was twerking. Reuters reports that Mexican state legislature asked the country’s federal government to fine the “Wrecking Ball” singer after the offensive naughtiness occurred during an independence day performance. Local lawmaker Francisco Trevino said that the Nuevo Leon state legislature had approved a warrant for the Interior Ministry to enforce the law on use of the flag.

Watch video of the scandalous flag spank below, and don’t worry — none of this, of course, has deterred Miley from twerking while on tour. More »

Cyndi Lauper Performs “True Colors” On ‘America’s Got Talent’: Watch

Cyndi's Got Talent!

Over the years, pop legend Cyndi Lauper has had somewhat of an unofficial mentoring role within the world of singing reality TV competitions.

She’s performed “Time After Time” with Allison Iraheta on American Idol. She’s sang “Money Changes Everything” with Beverly McClellan on The Voice. And last night, the She’s So Unusual icon took to the stage at Radio City Music Hall to perform another timeless classic, “True Colors,” with finalist Emily West. More »

Tokio Hotel Raise The Bar For Sleazy Single Covers With “Love Who Loves You Back”: See The Eye-Popping Artwork

You know, I thought Nicki Mianj‘s “Anaconda” cover was a lock for the year’s most eye-popping artwork but then Bobby Brackins upped the ante with “Hot Box” and now Tokio Hotel takes the lead with new single “Love Who Loves You Back”. The German pop/rockers went with a raunchy optical illusion that looks like a female body part, at least at first glance. (Don’t worry, it’s only a mouse).

Does this go too far? I think it’s kind of gross but shock value is a hotter commodity than ever in 2014, so I guess all is fair in love, war and the music business. The enduring cult band is busily promoting their first ever English only LP Kings Of Suburbia, which drops October 6. Tokio Hotel have a huge following around the globe, so expect to hear a lot more from them this quarter. More »

Miley Cyrus Shakes Her Semi-Nude, Fake Ass In NSFW Backstage Videos: Watch The Sexiness

In case you have yet to tire of Miley Cyrusnonstop ass assault or twerking or overall cabaret of nudity, then you’ll be thrilled to watch her latest couple of Instagram videos below. Granted, the butt in question is the artificial one she wears on stage for her Bangerz Tour. But just suspend the disbelief, pop perverts, and clutch your candy while taking in the probably-NSFW clips below. More »