Natalia Kills

Should Have Been Bigger: Natalia Kills’ “Wonderland”

Underrated. More »

Cruel Youth’s “Diamond Days”: Watch The Trippy Video

Retro glamour. More »

Cruel Youth’s “Diamond Days”: Listen To The Latest From Natalia Kills’ New Project

Teddy Sinclair goes retro. More »

Whatcha Say: Kanye, Natalia Kills, Hilary Duff & Gaga Got Our Readers Talking This Week

The tea de la tea, as spilled by our readers this week. More »

Natalia Kills Resurfaces As Cruel Youth: Listen To New Song “Mr. Watson”

Cruel Youth Mr. Watson single cover art
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Pet Shop Boys' "The Pop Kids"
Watch the lyric video for Neil & Chris' lead single off new album 'Super'.
'TLOP' Album Review
Kanye's latest may be uneven, but it's also a brutal and honest snapshot of his career.

The controversial singer-songwriter and her husband have a new project that, so far, sounds pretty familiar. More »

The 15 Best WTF Pop Moments Of 2015 — From Ariana Grande To Iggy Azalea

We sift through the most head-scratching moments of the past 12 months.  More »

Whatcha Say: Ariana Grande, Miguel & Natalia Kills Got Our Readers Talking

As always each Friday evening, it’s time to sift through the creme de la creme…and the shade de la shade! More »

Natalia Kills (Now Known As Teddy Sinclair) Is Writing Songs For Rihanna’s ‘R8’ LP And Starting A Band

Natalia Kills held a Twitter Q&A yesterday and revealed that she’s working on Rihanna’s new LP and starting a new project of her own. More »

Natalia Kills Changed Her Name To Teddy Sinclair: “I’ve Never Felt So Natural”

It looks like Natalia Kills has changed her name to Teddy Sinclair. Read her statement after the jump. More »

Natalia Kills Is Receiving Threats On Twitter: See The Aftermath Of Her ‘X Factor’ Outburst

Natalia Kills commited career suicide by verbally abusing a contestant on X Factor New Zealand. She apologized but trolls are still threatening her. More »

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