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The Weeknd’s “Often” Video: Watch Abel Get Lucky

The Weeknd Often music video
Do I Look High?
Children, today we’re going to let The Weeknd show you all about the birds and the bees. You see that video above? Well, when you watch it you’ll notice that sometimes the Daddy likes to go to book a hotel room and get high as fuck, because he thinks that’s what people want to watch for four minutes in lieu of a video that might actually be entertaining on some level. And then, the Daddy likes to rent a bunch of Mommys to come over to his room so he can get on top of them for 42 seconds before vomiting on the lamp and passing out.

Then all the Hooker Mommys put their fingers in the Daddy’s wallet while he’s sleeping to try to steal the cash he’s always bragging about having, but surprise — it’s flopsville! More »

Ariana Grande Streams 4 Songs From ‘My Everything’: Listen To “Why Try,” “A Little Bit Of Your Heart,” “Be My Baby” & “Love Me Harder”

'My Everything' Breaks Free!
My Everything is shaping up to be exactly that, isn’t it Arianators?

“Break Free” pop princess Ariana Grande is in a giving mood apparently, because she’s decided to stream 4 full songs from her upcoming sophomore LP, which is due out in less than a week.

Already, there’s a lot to love here, from her piano-led power ballad “A Little Bit Of Your Heart” to the marching Benny Blanco and Ryan Tedder-crafted anthem “Why Try,” to the slick throwback R&B stylings of the Cashmere Cat-assisted “Be My Baby.” Best, though, might be “Love Me Harder,” the Max Martin and Savan Kotecha-crafted “Love Me Harder,” featuring The Weeknd, an irresistibly smooth synth-pop production.

Listen to the songs after the jump. Which one is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below. More »

Ariana Grande’s “Love Me Harder”: Listen To A Preview Of The ‘My Everything’ Track

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger
Ariana Grande, you wicked little tease! Pop’s naughtiest chanteuselet posted a snippet of her upcoming My Everything track “Love Me Harder” on Instagram last night. And as if she wasn’t already dominating the airwaves and charts of the world with the slickly-produced trifecta that is “Problem,” “Break Free” and “Bang Bang,” she’s now infected our ears with what sounds like yet another super-catchy late-summer jam.

You’ll recall from Grande’s upcoming album’s feature-heavy tracklist that this is the one with The Weeknd on it (though you can’t hear his bit in this snippet). “Love Me Harder” was co-produced by Max Martin, who has his hand in a fair amount of My Everything‘s tunes, and Savan Kotecha. Get a preview of the song below. More »

The Weeknd Releases Latest Slowburner “King of the Fall”: Listen To The New Tour-Titled Track

Currently on his King Of The Fall Tour with fellow soulster Jhene Aiko and rapper Schoolboy QThe Weeknd’s Abel Testfaye is back with a new tour-titled track, and it’s business as usual, folks. It’s a song about — you guessed it — the ladies, but it’s not just about any girl in particular anymore. This time around, he wants the lot.

Packed with his signature baby-making melody and angelic mewl, “King of the Fall” seems almost formulaic for the Canadian crooner now, but, hey, if it keeps the ladies flocking, am I right? Singing “Your girl’s so bad, let me get her. She gon’ give it up ’cause she know I might like it,”

The Weeknd mysteriously also uses a picture of indie darling Sky Ferriera as the track’s cover art, which poses the question: Is this on purpose, or just a coincidence? Listen to the song below, and decide for yourself.

More »

The Weeknd, Schoolboy Q & Jhene Aiko Team Up For ‘King Of The Fall’ Tour

The King Of The Fall
The Weeknd is heading out on the road once again — and this time, he’s got company.

After last year’s The Fall Tour in support of his latest record Kiss Land, the brooding alt-R&B maestro will be joined by Schoolboy Q and Jhene Aiko for an exclusive four show series called King Of The Fall, which promises to be “his most immersive and inventive production yet.” (EXCITING.)

It seems likely that the tour will be full of new material, too: Just yesterday, The Weeknd dropped his sexy new track “Often,” while Jhene premiered her Souled Out lead single, “To Love & Die.”

The upcoming mini-tour, which will begin on September 19 in Brooklyn, will carry the entertainers to Toronto and Los Angeles before making a final stop at San Francisco. Check out the tour dates below the jump. More »

The Weeknd’s “Often”: Listen To His Sexy New Song

Guess what The Weeknd has on the mind? That’s right, music lovers: PUSSY! Following up with last fall’s highly-rated Kiss Land, the 24-year-old Canadian has offered up new song “Often” on SoundCloud. It’s an altogether sexy and haunting baby-makin’ jam that finds Abel Tesfaye boasting over a murky track, “Bitches down to do it either way often, baby I can make that pussy rain often.”

Those are pretty confident words. If you fancy taking Weeknd up on his braggy claims, give “Often” a listen below and — bonus! — download the song for free. More »

The Weeknd’s “Wanderlust” Lyric Video: Watch

After headlining his own tour in the US and opening for Drake over in Europe, The Weeknd is back on that promo grind with a lyric video for Kiss Land standout “Wanderlust.” Fitting in with his whole “seedy neon nights” aesthetic for this album cycle, the lyrics appear in glowing fonts in dark alleyways and on dilapidated building facades.

To me, this was the most intriguing song of the LP, simply because it abandoned all of Abel Tesfaye‘s usual tricks (ya know, the stuff that came to define “PBR&B”), resulting in something more dance-oriented than any of his previous material. But despite the song’s flickering churn, the lyrics here emphasize that it’s a song that takes as nihilistic a view of love as any of his prior cuts.

Check out the video below. More »

Beyonce’s “Drunk In Love” Now Gets A T.I. Remix: Listen To The Latest Overhaul

The onslaught of “Drunk In Love” remixes continues. Beyonce‘s all-conquering top 5 hit has been overhauled by Kanye West, Diplo and The Weeknd over the past couple of days. But wait, there’s more! T.I. put his spin on the song today (February 17) and it’s another highly explicit brag about bedroom antics.

Bey clearly favors Ye’s remix (his is the only official version), which is odd because it’s the least enjoyable. T.I. takes a lighter approach, injecting some humor into the X-rated goings on with lines like “she say champagne ain’t strong enough but she never will say it ain’t long enough” and “don’t take this as misogyny when I say take this mahogany”. Listen to the Atlanta MC’s racy interpretation after the jump. More »

Is Beyonce Releasing A Video For Kanye West’s “Drunk In Love” Remix?

Role Reversal
Beyonce‘s “Drunk In Love” now faces stiff competition for R&B/hip-hop radio airplay, from Pharrell‘s “Happy” and Pitbull‘s “Timber” featuring Ke$ha. Just as it started to descend the charts, however, Beyonce surprised yet again: On February 14, Hot 97′s Angie Martinez debuted the official “Drunk In Love” remix featuring Kanye West. The next day, Bey herself hinted of a video remix treatment, too.

Recent clips show Beyonce wearing a cowgirl hat and swinging a lasso inside a pen; immediately, they recall West’s more explicit lines in the remix — “You reverse that cowgirl / you reverse, reversing / and I impregnated your mouth, girl.” (Lovely.) Buzzfeed points out that the footage is from a behind-the-scenes peek at a 2011 Essence cover shoot, to accompany a story that Beyonce wrote of how she’s “taking the reins herself” after father Mathew Knowles managed her career for 15 years.

Could Beyonce be using her Essence footage for a remix video? It’s hard to say now, but doing so wouldn’t be new to her — after all, she did use Star Search clips for Beyonce‘s “***Flawless” video. Watch Beyonce’s “Drunk in Love” video teaser up top, then check out the official remix, plus other inspired takes by  Diplo and The Weeknd, in full after the jump. More »

10 Artist-Producer Breakups That Prove The Curmudgeons Right This Valentine’s Day

Sure, it’s easy to celebrate Valentine’s Day on a pop music website. The entire pop industry is built on songs about falling in love sung by attractive, covetable stars. Pop music gives couples “our song” and something to muffle the squeaky bed frame. But pop music is also a playground for the cold-hearted cynics scowling their way through this sappiest of holidays. And we’re here for them.

But instead of just doing another tired list of breakup songs, we’re highlighting professional breakups between artists and their producers (collaborations that, incidentally, are responsible for a fair share of breakup songs). Because an artistic relationship that results in pop music perfection is rare. When that ends, you can’t just take comfort in a pint of ice cream.

So below, we’ve eulogized 10 successful artist-producer teams that disintegrated because of diminishing returns, squabbles over creative control, alleged body-shaming or, in the case of Ke$ha and Dr. Luke, all three of those things. Happy Valentine’s Day!  More »