‘ARTPOP’ Revisited: Look Back On Lady Gaga’s Reverse Warholian Experience

Mike Nied | March 2, 2020 3:32 pm

No one curates an era with the same level of attention to detail and dedication as Lady Gaga. Mother Monster’s image continuously evolves with each project that she takes on. And every moment of her life in the public eye is an artful exhibit. That was never more the case than during her ARTPOP era. As the “Stupid Love” icon geared up to drop her apparently forgotten (?!) third album, she was at her most weirdly wonderful. What does that mean exactly? Well for starters, she served full-fledged, oftentimes conceptual looks every time she so much as stepped onto a city block.

And I’m not talking about the Joanne hat. No. The diva went all in with supersized wigs, headdresses, masks, sky-high heels and so much more. But that was just the start of Gaga’s reverse Warholian experience. She further built out the world with a series of equally eye-popping performances. Who can forget the multitude of looks she served onstage at the 2013 VMAs or the entrance she made at the American Music Awards that same year? That’s even discounting the experience of her feud-ending, world peace causing duet with Christina Aguilera on The Voice.

Basically, this was Gaga doing what she does best: continuously pushing barriers for the sake of her art. Scroll through a gallery of some of Mother Monster’s most outrageously memorable looks from the era up top and revisit some of the album’s singles below for a trip down memory lane as we prepare to familiarize ourselves with the new world she’s created for Chromatica.


“Do What U Want” feat. Christina Aguilera


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