Grammys: The Most Outrageous Snubs From This Year’s Nominations

The 2013 Grammy Awards nominations arrived last night courtesy of an impressively weird CBS concert, but amidst the many thrilling surprises the evening packed — who among us wasn’t exhilarated by the frissons we felt upon realizing that LMFAO‘s “Sexy and I Know It” had finally received the recognition it  so sorely deserves? — there were also some disappointments. Why did nobody believe in Justin BieberWhy were they so mulishly unwilling to take a ride with Lana Del Rey? Doesn’t anyone want to take One Direction home? These were the questions that kept us up all night.

Head below to see the most outrageous snubs from this year’s Grammys.

Justin Bieber: Overalls-wearing wunderkind Justin Bieber was snubbed in this year’s Grammys. You know who thinks so? Justin Bieber’s manager! Yes, the illustrious Scooter Braun (who is also responsible for bringing us Carly Rae Jepsen and jumping on the PSY train as it was wheezing its last dying gasp) was mighty worked up on Twitter earlier today over Bieber’s exclusion from the noms, despite having a chart-topping, critically-recognized-if-not-altogether-acclaimed album that made the critics say things like “sonic evolution” and “overalls.” (“Overalls” was just us, actually.) Braun comes correct, ultimately, since “As Long As You Love Me” was a pretty phenomenal tune, and Believe was a solid album as a whole. But tweeting “I just plain DISAGREE. The kid deserved it. Grammy board u blew it on this one” isn’t the most graceful way to show it. Then again, who needs grace when you’re Justin Bieber? This one’s for all the haters.

Nicki Minaj: And none for you, Nicki Minaj! There’s a sad superstar in Barbtown, with only a dazzling collection of candy-colored wigs and some high-concept outfits to soothe her frayed nerves. There was nary a nom for the rapstress to be found, which is surprising considering Roman Reloaded packed some powerhouse singles, but perhaps her music was overshadowed by being her other priorities this year: Becoming one of the year’s biggest manufacturers of olfactory goods, tugging Mariah Carey‘s weave and releasing (at last count) 10,000 music videos from her last record. Is this how Marilyn Monroe felt? Yes, Nicki. Yes, it is.

Carly Rae Jepsen: Is it still a snub when an artist gets nominated for several awards? In the case of Carly Rae Jepsen, maybe! Consider the following: While “Call Me Maybe” was one of the biggest songs of 2012, crushing radio with the almighty force of a Canadian army, Jepsen’s song got the cold shoulder when it came to the Record of the Year and Jepsen herself missed out on the Best New Artist award, which is the awards-show equivalent of being openly called a one-hit wonder. C’mon, Carly Slay. Prove them all wrong!

Christina Aguilera: The exclusion of Christina Aguilera‘s “Your Body” and her latest LP Lotus from the nominations proves once and for all that the people responsible for the Grammy nominations are not true lovers of music. Missed the deadline? Not eligible? Critically reviled? Who cares. Respect the Legend Of The United States. Rise up, Lotus, rise up.

One Direction: Did you hear about this up-and-coming band out of Europe or whatever called One Direction? They’re kind of a big deal nowadays, what with their winsome good looks and doe-eyed gazes and songs about young romance, but the Grammys don’t think so! While “What Makes You Beautiful” was dominating the Hot 100 and legions of tweens were screaming themselves hoarse, the Grammys were busy ignoring 1D for totally not-even-that-cute bands like Alabama Shakes for the Best New Artist award. Point being, the Grammys are just like your parents: They don’t get it.

Lana Del Rey: The year’s breakout gloom-pop sensation Lana Del Rey must have been a little too something for the Grammys: A little too moody, a little too commercial, a little too mainstream. It’s true that her chart successes were minimal, and being a bleepy-bloop bloggy buzz girl rarely (if ever) translates into sweeping the biggest music awards of the year — but Born to Die was a great album, wasn’t it? And “Ride” was one of the best singles of the year, with a spectacular video to boot. Hey, Grammys: Go and play your video games. We’ll be smugly judging you in our H&M wrap dress.

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  • Naomi

    Why is this a surprise though? Do people really think that Justin and Nicki are Grammy worthy? Justin’s music is teen pop garbage, while Nicki’s PF:RR was just confusing. I’m not too surprised that Lana didn’t get a nomination, even though Born To Die was a good record. The US just passed her off due to her SNL performance. But she’s doing well in other countries. Also, Justin’s manager Scooter (and his over-obsessed fans) needs to stop being cry babies and accept that Justin cannot win every award out there.

    • Kiki

      Gaga, Mariah & Lana…… :(

  • Kerry

    I was kind of shocked The Killers didn’t get a nomination for their album. It was one of the best albums of the year in my opinion. Wish it would have gotten more radio time than it did. Oh well.

  • Gilbert Haugan

    Sorry, but the Grammy’s are for big people with real talent. Not little kiddies.

  • Royal

    Lana Del Rey and Justin Parker really deserved a Grammy nom for Born To Die. They wrote an INCREDIBLE album together. I’m not so sure about the others listed here though. I think I’m going to have to agree with the Grammy’s this year. While the “snubbed” Carly Rae, Justin Bieber and One Direction are young, cute and popular, That doesn’t necessarily translate into deserving a Grammy. That’s what the VMA’s are for. They’re clearly more focused on talented songwriters this year.

  • Jason

    I totally agree that Lana Del Rey deserve Grammys
    But I have to disagree on Carly Rae Jepsen, Christina Aguilera, One Direction, Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj. Justin Bieber and Nicki Minaj don’t even deserve their American Music Awards. I’m happy Frank Ocean got some nominations, he deserves it. I think Trey Songz deserves a nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album, his album Chapter V is one of my favorites from this year. Also Kendrick Lamar deserves one. Also I think Fun are overrated as well.

  • Kaye

    So what? Whilst it is still overridden by Mainstream and Top 40 acts, because it’s a money-making, executive-handshaking deal with these award shows, I’m glad some** of these artists got snubbed because there are far more talented artists who aren’t at the feet of the label-execs kissing their feet for fame and money.

    So it pleases me to say that the Album of the Year category is the best in years. I would’ve liked to see someone like Fiona Apple in that category or Muse, I’m still happy with it and wish The Black Keys all the luck.

    **besides Xtina, at least from pop-vocal because, well, I don’t need to explain myself why. Especially considering Rihanna and Katy are one there, for IMO songs where they aren’t their strongest vocally, even if they are good efforts. But I get the feeling Xtina missed the deadline though.

  • Anon

    You should read the news more. Carly Rae Jepsen didn’t receive nominations in Record of the Year or Best New Artist, but she received a nod in Song of the Year for “Call Me Maybe”, which was pointed out while Scooter was doing his best Kanye impression the other day.

  • jen

    I was kind of shocked for christina she is good.. Jb and Nicki minaj.. SUCKED… they just pathetic.. wat they produced and came out is something u would expect from One direction because they are new to the game.. Ya been in it for a while… Seems like all they do is shyt for attention…

  • theo

    I think Adam Lambert’s TRESPASSING deserved a nom for Best Pop Vocal Album! I like Florence + The Machine Ceremonials album but to me she/they are Rock not Pop.

  • ray

    Kendrick Lamar was def snubbed he had the best rap album of the year.

    • Kaye

      He also missed the deadline with his LP. If he doesn’t release another album before the next Grammy’s, this one is surely going to receive the nominations. Good thing is, he can release another album and still get a nomination for Best New Artist as it allows two albums to have been released.

  • Ez

    Lana Del Rey’s Born to Die definitely deserves a grammy. It’s an amazing album. I understand about the other snubs, but really, Born to Die had some amazing songwriting in it, and all of the songs were outstanding

  • jack

    where are the killers?? Battle Born is a great album.

  • coolness

    Really. what did Scooter Braun think? That “huge successful” album and sold out tour would garner him nominations? Please, come back to earth where they award Grammy’s fore mostly for musical talent, which unfortunately for Justin is quite marginal. As for Nicki, “singing” tons of fake electro-pop garbage is not going to get you any nods. You’re to gimmicky to be even considered a musical artist. Looks like the Grammy’s are finally gaining their credibility back.

  • Roberto

    The grammy nods quite reflected what topped the charts along this year, with quite a few exceptions, e.x. Frank Ocean, Miguel…, elegant choices though. I really feel sorry for Carly Rae Jepsen not making to at least Record of the year or for best pop vocal performance, for “Call me maybe” , a super chart-topper with very upbeat catchy tempo. That was a true snub, but she’s up for enviable Song of the Year nod, i hope grammy critics take pity on her to hand this over to ther. Another noticeable snub was Calvin Harris “I Feel so Close”, with such a remarkable techno pop arrangements and contagious thumping beat. Although Eric Church was nominated for “Srpingsteen”, i was expecting a big one like “Song of the Year”, that song is really ravishing with a tint oF U2. Whatever happened to Jason Aldean hit “Take a Ride with me”? and to Madonna MDNA?

  • Maria

    Why Adam Lambert’s Trespassing were not include is a mystery. Clearly an artist who is not appreciated in his own country, and are worshipped around the world!

  • Sazare

    Bleh. Lana does not deserve a Grammy. “Video Games” was fine, but ultimately her image and music seemed way too calculated; a lot of indie fans cite how calculated, rote, and plastic today’s pop music and pop stars are, but then Lana Del Rey proved that the same can be applied to some indie artists.

    Anyway, I don’t think Bieber really got “snubbed” in the sense that he really should have won something, but he was a hell of a lot more deserving than some of this year’s other nominees, like Kelly Clarkson’s mediocre album and Taylor Swift’s intolerable Miranda Cosgrove soundalike. Nicki Minaj had a couple great songs on her album, but none were released as singles (though “Beez in the Trap” was decent) and the album as a whole was too weighed down by generic club bangers aimed toward the Top 40.

    Christina Aguilera was not snubbed; Lotus sucked: its lead single was incredibly formulaic Max Martin fare and the album in general was pretty weak.

    Carly Rae Jepsen was the only one I’d consider getting snubbed; “Call Me Maybe” should probably have been nominated for Record of the Year over Song of the Year; while its lyrics are decent, its production and Jepsen’s vocal delivery are really what makes the song great. Still, two nominations is nice, I suppose.

  • Michael

    everyone has been going at Christina Aguiler I don’t care what nobady says Lotus is still the best out there.

  • Roberto

    Other salient snubs include, Karmin smash-hit “Broken Hearted”, which at least should have been nominated under best pop vocal performance, it even sounds more pleasing and catchier than some on of songs chosen for Record of The Year. Cher Lloyd “Want you back” was also unduly disregarded as well as Jessie J “Domino”. Jason Aldean Take a little ride with me should have garnered best country performance. All in all, the candidates were well-chosen but there were were noticeable snubs. I agree with Sazare that Carly Rae Jepsen was mistakenly nominated for “Song of the year”, since that song isn´t as particulary impressive on the lyrics as it is on the production and vocal delivery. Nicki Minaj deserved a nod for Starships as well as Psy for Gangman Style. It also strikes me that Katy Perry´s uplifting song “Part of me” didn´t land a record of the year nod. To me, it sounds way better and has about the same theme as Kelly Clarkson “stronger”.

  • Hamad

    I think Lana should have at least have “Best New Artist” and thats includes Azealia Bancks. She released an EP and people say it’s not eligible, so what ? Gaga’s TFM was an EP and got nominated for Album Of The Year.

  • daniel

    omg how is christina missing. singing at etta’s funeral, the national anthem, new album and excellent mom. she’s the best singer ever and gets snubbed from grammys, whatever!

  • ash knight

    i really feel that lana del rey and christina should’ve been nominated for most of the categories . this just wasnt fair . born to die had great hits . lotus makes a gr8 mpact in music again and lana new fresh voice gives a new touch to music today . they both deserve to be nominated and win the grammys. the panel is just a bunch of assholes who are working for money .

  • Jake

    Carrie Underwood. That’s all.

  • Xisme

    The grammys no longer mean anything, its all about whether your popular at the current time of the Grammys and whether you’ll bring in the audience to bring in the cash. People should file a complaint . Christina for one should be nominated it makes me sick not seeing her nominated for Lotus, it wasn’t her best album but the material is far worth a Grammy over anything they nominated. Grammys make me sick!

  • musicfan61

    What about Train- california 37 is a great album

  • tp

    I guess rock is ead when coldplay gets nominated for best rock performance……hello rock n roll are you out here?

  • Matthew

    Emeli Sande deserves to be nominated. -.-

  • please

    Christina was not snubbed at all, her album was released AFTER the Grammy campaigns and she released a second single in december. She had no chances at all to be nominated this year

    If she doesn’t get a Grammy nod in 2014 then yeah, we can say she got snubbed but not now. Madonna, Nelly Furtado and No Doubt were indeed snubbed

  • David B Conway


  • David B Conway


  • David B Conway