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Whatcha Say: Mariah Carey, Kesha And LeAnn Rimes Got Our Readers Talking

Oh boy, was it a super jam-packed week for pop music! The 2014 American Music Awards nominations were announced, with Iggy Azalea leading the pack. Ariel Pink dissed Madonna‘s recent work, while Christina Aguilera announced her return to The Voice next year along with new music – SAY! We also interviewed Nicole Scherzinger about her upcoming LP, Big Fat Lie and launched an Ibrawlator where you can vote for which pop diva will have the best album by year’s end!

Our favorite insightful tweeters, Chris Brown and Azealia Banks gave their thoughts on the Ebola epidemic. Speaking of Banks, she decided to jump into the messy Snoop Dogg vs. Iggy Azalea social media feud. Snoop has since apologized for starting the drama. But the biggest and most shocking news of the week was Kesha revealing she’d allegedly been sexually and physically abused by producer Dr. Luke for 10 years. The singer has sued the producer, which escalated into a messy lawsuit.

As always, our readers had a lot to say. But they were definitely more opinionated than usual! Check out some of the week’s best comments after the jump. More »

Azealia Banks’ Ebola Twitter Rant: She Thinks She’s Got This Crisis All Figured Out, Everyone!

With no release date in sight for Azealia Banks‘ perpetually-delayed debut album, the label-less rapstress apparently has a lot of time on her hands. Hence the pearls of extreme wisdom she’s been dishing out on Twitter this week, such as giving her two cents on Snoop Dogg and Iggy Azalea‘s since-resolved spat and, now, the global Ebola crisis.

United Nations secretary general Ban Ki-moon has launched an appeal for donations to a trust fund aimed at fighting the deadly disease. But Banks doesn’t really see the point in people coughing up money, as her tweets from this morning indicate. Rather, she believes the government has the solution at its fingertips: Just print more money, which can then be burned after Ebola goes away!

Sure, that might very well cause the world’s currency to become worthless and the entire financial system to collapse, but, hey — #YOLO!

Study up on Professor Banks’ theory for Ebola relief below, pop pupils. More »

Azealia Banks Compares T.I. And Iggy Azalea’s Relationship To The Characters In ‘Driving Miss Daisy’

Azealia Banks is funny, I’ll give her that. The mouthy femcee couldn’t resist giving her two cents on Iggy Azalea and Snoop Dogg‘s beef (she found the whole thing “hilarious”), and even continued with her commentary after T.I. brokered a resolution. “Lol TI is always driving miss daisy,” quipped the 23-year-old on Twitter. She was, of course, referencing the 1989 movie about the friendship between a black chauffeur and elderly white woman.

The implication is clear — Tip is the one pulling the strings in the Australian hitmaker’s career. It looks like Azealia has still has a grudge against the Atlanta rapper for calling her a “syphilis-lipped rectum”. (She called his wife ugly first). Regardless of who is driving the car, Iggy will be performing her new single on Saturday Night Live this week, while the “Chasing Time” rapstress works on her forever-delayed debut LP. See her tweet after the jump. More »

Of Course Azealia Banks Found A Way To Get Involved In Iggy Azalea And Snoop Dogg’s Beef

Azealia Banks is an authority on Twitter beefs, so it’s no surprise that she gave her two cents on Iggy Azalea and Snoop Dogg‘s very public falling out. (To recap, the veteran rapper posted offensive memes of the Australian diva and then branded her “a cunt” when she called him out). Instead of showing some solidarity to a fellow woman/femcee, the queen of SoundCloud just stirred the pot.

“Where was the white media when T.I threatened to push me down the stairs though?” she tweeted in reference to her beef with T.I. (A.K.A. Iggy’s mentor). “And why isn’t t.i jumping down snoops throat? But will jump at a chance to say anything to me?” It could have something to do with the fact that Azealia threw the first punch by calling Tip’s wife ugly, which was actually pleasant compared to the remarks she made about Lily Allen‘s children.

Azealia’s conclusion? “Snoop is fucking hilarious.” So much for girl power. See her Twitter commentary after the jump. More »

Azealia Banks Explores ’90s House On New Track “Chasing Time”: Listen

Given that Azealia Banks debut LP has been pushed back more times that an outward-opening door, you have to take whatever musical crumbs you can get. The Latest track to surface from Broke With Expensive Taste, which now has a tentative January 2015 release date, is called “Chasing Time” and it explores a similar ’90s house sound as her excellent 1991 EP.

Produced by Oak, Steve Mostyn and Ronny Colson, “Chasing Time” is something of a return to form for the struggling femcee. She switches things up by singing (as opposed to rapping) the vast majority of the song and genuinely shines in the soaring chorus. Can someone please build Azealia a time machine, so she can start again and launch this album in a non-farcical manner? Listen after the jump. More »

Azealia Banks Delays The Release Of ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ — Yet Again

In the least surprising news you will read today, Azealia Banks has delayed her never-appearing debut LP yet again. “I wanna bring out #BROKEWITHEXPENSIVETASTE at the top of January… What ya think kunts?” she asked Twitter this morning (August 11). To put things into perspective, the album was original scheduled for release in late 2012.

The beef-plagued femcee, who was recently made headlines by being described as a “syphilis-lipped rectum” by T.I., didn’t give a reason for the latest delay. Now that she’s an independent artist, Azealia can’t blame the label. I think she should just drop Broke With Expensive Taste as a mixtape and move on to the next project because this is getting embarrassing. See the rap diva’s tweet and the understandably miffed fan response after the jump. More »

Azealia Banks’ “Heavy Metal And Reflective” Video: Watch Her Wreak Havoc In The Desert

Azealia Banks Heavy Metal And Reflective music video
Dog Day Afternoon
Azealia Banks, recently freed from her major label deal, is not one to be left for dead while tied up in the desert, as we learn from her “Heavy Metal And Reflective” video. The clip shows the feisty rapstress shuffling out of her binding and spitting venom after being tossed in the middle of nowhere. She then hooks up with her Motorcross crew and a pair of snarling canines and assures us repeatedly, “I could get that!”

The song itself doesn’t bring nearly as much fire as the video does, but we’ll give Azealia a gold star for overall effort here. More »

Azealia Banks’ “Heavy Metal And Reflective”: Listen If You Must

Azealia Banks‘ first single since departing her label, “Heavy Metal And Reflective,” personally has me reflecting upon hopping on that motorbike featured in the song’s music video tease from last week, revving it up and speeding off a cliff. Azealia, sorry, baby — but this trap-lite trash is less of “an ASS-CLAPPERRRRRRRR” (as the rapstress herself described it) and more of an exercise in how artists who spend too much time projectile-vomiting hate on Twitter ought to get it together and actually focus on not making shit music.

Enjoy below. More »

Azealia Banks’ “Heavy Metal And Reflective” Video: Watch A Preview

Hip hop’s biggest never-was, Azealia Banks, is currently without a label. And you know what — she doesn’t really give a flyig f***. The other day Twitter’s biggest bully posted a still from the video for her upcoming independently-released single “Heavy Metal And Reflective” (out July 29). And now we have a super-short preview clip of what’s sure to be the visual of the year — or at least of the hour the day it premieres. (It is Azealia Banks, after all — the long-lasting attention span of the masses doesn’t really enter the picture.)

Head below to watch the (t)rapstress ride by a camera on a motorbike in the desert and — what else? — flip the bird. More »

Azealia Banks Preps New Single “Heavy Metal And Reflective”, Teases A Still From The Video

After spending the last two years tweeting her way to irrelevance, Azealia Banks has given long-suffering fans reason for hope by sharing a video still from her new single “Heavy Metal And Reflective”, which is due on July 29. It will be her first release an independent artist after being dumped by her record label two weeks ago.

There’s not a lot known about the 23-year-old’s new direction apart from the fact that she thinks it’s good. “Heavy Metal and Reflective is so fun because on the track I sound like I’m 10ft tall and I look like a peanut in the video,” the femcee tweeted. In an earlier missive, she declared her new album to be “better than anything that’s out right now GOOD. You all will be SO glad you waited!” Time will tell if that’s true but it’s nice to be writing about Azealia’s music again instead of a yet another messy beef. See the rap diva’s tweets after the jump. More »