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Readers’ Poll Results: The 10 Best Albums Released In 2014, As Chosen By Your Votes

The Year's Top Pop You Voted For!
2014's Best Pop Singles: 20 Favorites
2014's Best Pop Singles: 20 Favorites
Idolator's editors select the 20 best singles released this year.

In early November, we asked Idolator readers to vote for their favorite albums from the first half of 2014, and followed that up two weeks ago with a poll featuring LPs released between July and December. And now the results are in, the numbers have been tallied and we’re presenting you with the 10 Best Albums Of 2014, as chosen by you!

Altogether, nearly 74,000 votes were cast for the 40 albums included on both polls, with each album within the Top 10 racking up at least 1,000 of those votes a piece. Two of the albums represented below even wound up on our own 10 Best Albums Of 2014 list, as chosen by the Idolator editors.

Head below to see the results for which 10 albums were voted by you as the best of the best this year! More »

Best Music 2014 Readers’ Poll: Vote For The Year’s Top Albums (Part 2) — July Through December Releases

Vote For 2014's Best!

Wait…what? It’s December already? Guess we should get the rest of this thing going, then.

Last month we presented you with the first part of Idolator’s reader’s poll on the best albums of 2014 — one where we had you vote on your favorite releases from January through June. Let’s just say that Michael Jackson‘s fans were present and counted for with that one, as were the members of Mariah Carey‘s Lambily.

Now it’s time for part two, where you have free reign to help determine which LPs released between July and December are the best. There are plenty to choose from, so let’s just get to it below, shall we? As usual, when all is said and done, we’ll tally up the results from both polls and sort out what Idolator readers deem to be their 10 favorite records from 2014.

Note: As this is a two-part poll, it’s also a two-part process. Once you vote, we also want you to leave your thoughts in the comments box below on why you chose that particular album. We’ll be reading all of your feedback and including some of it when we post the Best Albums Of 2014 Readers’ Poll results.

So get to voting below, then remember to write out why your fave deserves to be in our year-end roundup of 2014’s best albums! More »

Azealia Banks’ “Chasing Time” Gets A Really, Really Good Rich Morel Remix: Listen

Azealia Banks' "Chasing Time" Video
Azealia Banks' "Chasing Time" Video
Azealia Banks shows off her dance moves in the black-and-white "Chasing Time" video.

Azealia Banks is giving away $10,000 for the best remix of “Chasing Time” as part of a new competition to promote debut LP Broke With Expensive Taste. The ’90s house-referencing floorfiller is already pretty hard to beat as far as club monsters go, so fans and producers — the comp is also open to professionals — really have their work cut out for them. One of the best overhauls to appear on SoundCloud belongs to veteran DJ Rich Morel.

The Boston-based producer is probably best-known for his work with electronic duo Deep Dish and for producing some of the best tracks (“Same Ol’ Story”,”Raging Storm” and “Set Your Heart”) on Cyndi Lauper‘s dance opus Bring Ya To The Brink. He strips the ’90s flourishes from “Chasing Time” and pumps up the BPM. What’s left is one hell of house anthem that is at least as good as Azealia’s original. Listen after the jump. More »

Azealia Banks Announces “Chasing Time” Remix Contest

Talking Big $$$

Get your bank accounts prepped! Azealia Banks has announced a major contest, where she’ll be giving away $10,000 for the best remix to her “Chasing Time” single. The loud spoken entertainer partnered with MTV, Soundcloud and BitTorrent for the competition, where both fans and producers can upload their own versions of the track on Soundcloud — and some are already up!

The stems of the track is ready to download on BitTorrent, with the deadline for the remixes being on December 15. “Chasing Time” is the first official single off Banks’ debut LP Broke With Expensive Taste, which was finally released on November 6. More »

U2 Cancels ‘Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon’ Residency Following Bono Injury: Morning Mix

Did You Hear?

:: Following Bono‘s injuries from a cycling accident, U2 has cancelled their performances for The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. In a statement, the band said: “It looks like we will have to do our Tonight Show residency another time – we’re one man down. Bono has injured his arm in a cycling spill in Central Park and requires some surgery to repair it. We’re sure he’ll make a full recovery soon, so we’ll be back! Much thanks to Jimmy Fallon and everyone at the show for their understanding.” [CNN]

:: It was previously announced that Disclosure would be a part of the Band Aid 30‘s recording of their charity single, “Do They Know It’s Christmas? (2014).” But a rep for the electronic duo states otherwise: “No planned remix or involvement of any kind unfortunately.” Sorry guys! [Stereogum]

:: Nick Jonas took his talents to NYC’s subway underground over the weekend! The “Teacher” singer performed with his acoustic guitar at the West 4th street station, to many people’s surprise. [Popdust]

:: Azealia Banks sure is a talker! The entertainer is now discussing booties — fake ones, to be exact. In an interview with The Daily Beast, she said: “I like butts. But I like the real butts. With the fake butts, you can always see the ‘shelf.’ I can see the implant in there, and see where the muscle is snatching that implant up. Butt technology needs to come a little bit further.” We totally agree. [Celebuzz]

Find out what music you can catch on TV below. More »

Azealia Banks Talks About Her Beefs, Says She Wants To Punch “The Ugly One” In Disclosure And Shades Iggy Azalea

Azealia Banks' Arty "Chasing Time" Video
Azealia Banks' Arty "Chasing Time" Video
Azealia Banks shows off her dance skills in the black-and-white video for "Chasing Time".

Azealia Banks is on a roll. She finally got around to releasing much-delayed debut LP Broke With Expensive Taste (for a while there it looked like it would never grace iTunes) and earned a bunch of glowing reviews. It’s vindication of sorts for the polarizing diva but don’t expect success to tame her — or her legendarily annoying Twitter game. In fact, she’s coming even harder for your fave than ever before!

The “Chasing Time” femcee was interviewed by The Guardian recently and opened up about her attraction to old white men and her use of the word “faggot”. She also shed light on some of her Twitter beefs and didn’t hold back — particularly when it came to English producers Disclosure, who refused to release a song they worked on together. “I want to punch one of them in the face — the little one… the ugly one,” Azealia fumes.

“I want to hit him so bad. I saw him at the airport in Australia and I came over to him and I was like: ‘Hello? Like, what are we going to do with this song?’ And he was just being a dickhead. I started crying, I was so angry.” I guess we’ll never hear that unreleased collaboration then. She also threw shade at Iggy Azalea, saying: “Nobody’s going to go to Nobu and have a McDonald’s.” Her metaphor doesn’t actually make sense but it’s pretty clear she’s calling the Aussie rapper basic. More »

Azealia Banks’ “Chasing Time” Video: Watch The Black + White Clip

Back To The Future

Azealia Banks shows off her dance skills in the video for “Chasing Time”! The singer/rapper teased a preview on Monday (November 10), but now the throwback-heavy visual has arrived. Shot entirely in black + white, its starkness allows the bold imagery to come through. The clip includes Banks doing choreographed dancing with her crew, serving face into the camera while wearing a septum ring and a raised platform moment that is reminiscent of TLC‘s 1999 “Unpretty” video.

It all blends well with the song’s ’90s-inspired house synths that bubbles with a freshness, which we’ve come to love when Banks’ delves into this sound. “Chasing Time” (first heard back in September) is the official lead single off Azealia Banks’ long-awaited debut LP, Broke With Expensive Taste. More »

Azealia Banks Gets Artsy In “Chasing Time” Video Teaser: Watch A Preview

Banks Is Bringing It

It’s still pretty hard to believe (we keep rechecking our iTunes account to double-check whether or not it was all just a dream), but Azealia Banks just dropped her long-awaited debut LP, Broke With Expensive Taste, last Thursday. (We’re loving it, by the way!) And she’s not just stopping there this year with the surprises, either: She’s already got a visual lined up for her ’90′s House-leaning anthem “Chasing Time,” and it already looks seriously sick.

The artsy 15-second teaser sees Azealia in a series of fierce poses and forward-thinking (and quite revealing) fashions, supplying a peek at the looks in the upcoming visual. According to a new press release, the song will be the album’s first “official” single this year, and the full video will premiere later this week.

Check out the teaser up top, and let us know your thoughts in the comments below. More »

Azealia Banks’ ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’: Review Revue

Yesterday, oft-controversial femcee Azealia Banks caused Hell to briefly freeze over by delivering one of the year’s biggest surprises: Her seemingly eternally delayed debut studio album, Broke With Expensive Taste, which arrived on iTunes without any fanfare whatsoever, Beyoncé style.

Today, critics across the globe are just beginning to react to the “212″ rapper’s sudden debut album drop. Here at Idolator, we gave the album 4 out of 5 stars, and found ourselves refreshed by the “much-needed kick in the ass.” But what did other critics across the web have to say? Check out the reviews after the jump. More »

Azealia Banks’ ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’: Album Review

Yung Rapunxel Is Back
After Azealia Banks‘ tracklist and cover art for her debut LP Broke With Expensive Taste dropped out of the sky yesterday (), the entertainer pulled a Beyonce and released the album on iTunes. There was a point where we thought this album would never see the light, but its time has now come! 

The fiery entertainer burst onto the scene back in 2012 with her breakout smash “212.” Fast forward two years later, and she has become known more for her endless Twitter beefs with almost everyone in the business (we don’t need to get into all of that again) than her truly awesome music. Banks’ debut effort gives her fans what they’ve been waiting for over the past three years: a wild mix of seapunk, witch-pop, trap and ’90s house that livens up an overall dull year in music. More »