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Divas Of The Desert: 10 Of The Best (& Sandiest) Music Videos

Rock In Rio USA Reveal Lineup
Rock In Rio USA Reveal Lineup
Sam Smith, Jessie J, Tove Lo & Charli XCX Join Taylor Swift, No Doubt & others join.

Charli XCX and Rita Ora showed off their rowdy robber sides in the “Doing It” video, which dropped today (January 20). But prior to its release, our favorite divas have tousled and gotten messy in the desert to achieve some pretty iconic videos over the years!

It goes to show that females can also be badasses in the Wild Wild West just as much (or even better than) the boys. In the gallery above, revisit ten of the best desert-themed music videos from ladies like Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Janet Jackson and more! More »

Azealia Banks Hits The Studio With Dr. Luke, Rock City And Cirkut

Azealia Banks Blasts Kendrick Lamar
Azealia Banks Blasts Kendrick Lamar
Azealia Banks blasted Kendrick Lamar's comments on Ferguson. See the Twitter activist's latest beef.

Azealia Banks is perhaps better known for her no-holds-barred Twitter game than music career (she has logged one minor UK hit since 2011), but that could be about to change thanks to an upcoming collaboration. Producers Rock City, who have worked with everyone from Beyonce to Justin Bieber, posted a pic with the femcee captioned “#WeComing #WeWorking.” Oh, super-producer Dr. Luke and cohort Cirkut were also in the room.

It’s good company for the rap diva, who released much-delayed debut LP Broke With Expensive Taste independently in 2014 after losing her major label deal. However, Azealia’s profile has skyrocketed since then due to excellent album reviews and high-profile beefs with fellow rappers Iggy Azalea and Kendrick Lamar. The involvement of Dr. Luke (Katy Perry‘s “Dark Horse” and Miley Cyrus“Wrecking Ball”) suggests the 23-year-old is now willing to embrace a more commercial sound in order to take her career to the next level. See Rock City’s Instagram post after the jump. More »

One Direction’s Harry Styles Is Dating Victoria’s Secret Model Nadine Leopold: Morning Mix

'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Soundtrack Tracklist
'Fifty Shades Of Grey' Soundtrack Tracklist
The anticipated soundtrack features Beyonce, Jessie Ware, Sia and more.

Did You Hear?

:: One Direction‘s Harry Styles is now dating Victoria’s Secret model Nadine Leopold, according to multiple sources. The two aren’t exclusive, but Styles did take Leopold out to eat, twice, for her birthday last week. [Us Weekly]

:: Sam Smith kicked off his debut theater and arena tour on January 9 in Atlanta, by covering the 1937 show tune-turned-jazz standard “My Funny Valentine.” Until live footage surfaces online, revisit the studio version of his rendition. [Billboard]

:: Presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee accuses Jay Z of being a “pimp” exploiting Beyonce as a “sex object” during their 2014 Grammy Awards performance in his new book, God, Guns, Grits and Gravy. Perhaps he didn’t realize that the couple performed “Drunk in Love” — a Beyonce song. [US News & World Report]

:: MTV will bring back America’s Best Dance Crew, which ran for seven seasons and wrapped in 2012. Randy Jackson, former American Idol judge, is one of the show’s four executive producers. [Los Angeles Times]

:: Azealia Banks and Lupe Fiasco picked on each other on Twitter over the weekend. Why? We’re not sure. [Billboard]

:: Taylor Swift‘s dad has joined HAIM. Sort of. [Instagram]

Find out below what music you can catch on TV today. More »

Azealia Banks Blasts Kendrick Lamar For Ferguson Comments: “Dumbest Shit I’ve Ever Heard”

Naughty Boy Dragged Azealia Banks
Naughty Boy Dragged Azealia Banks
Naughty Boy threw random shade at Azealia Banks on Twitter, making fun of her lyrics and appearance.

Another day, another (imminent) Twitter beef for Azealia Banks. She took offense at comments Kendrick Lamar made about Ferguson in his Billboard cover story and jumped on Twitter to share her thoughts. The quote that inspired her outburst? “I wish somebody would look in our neighborhood knowing that it’s already a situation, mentally, where it’s fucked up,” K-Dot said in his interview. “What happened to [Michael Brown] should’ve never happened. Never. But when we don’t have respect for ourselves, how do we expect them to respect us? It starts from within.”

The femcee’s verdict? “Dumbest shit I’ve ever heard a black man say.” But the Broke With Expensive Taste diva didn’t stop there. “Do you know about the generational effects of poverty, racism and discrimination?” she pondered. “There are things in society that benefit a select few of us. Fine…. But don’t put down the rest by saying they don’t respect themselves.” The 23-year-old then got even more personal. “HOW DARE YOU open ur face to a white publication and tell them that we don’t respect ourselves…. Speak for your fucking self.” See Azealia’s full commentary after the jump. More »

Coachella 2015: The 10 Artists We’re Most Excited To See

View the exciting results of our latest reader's poll!

The beginning of every year in the music industry is an exciting one, as festivals worldwide begin to trickle out their artist lineups! Kicking off 2015 was the biggest one of all — Coachella. The arts and music mecca revealed its anticipated roster of the most popular names in the industry, with Drake, Jack White and AC/DC headlining the three-day event.

While these mentioned artists are deserving festival toppers, there are plenty more acts to enjoy within the music-filled weekend! So, we present to you our list of artists that we’re most excited to see rock the various stages and heat up the already sweltering venue that is Indio, CA’s Empire Polo Club. From FKA Twigs to Chet Faker, there is a little something for everyone. View the gallery up top! More »

Azealia Banks Can Now Add Naughty Boy To Her Long List Of Detractors: See The Femcee’s Latest Twitter Beef

Azealia Banks Vs. Iggy Azalea
Azealia Banks Vs. Iggy Azalea
Azealia Banks sparked a larger conversation about cultural appropriation in her latest beef with Iggy.

Azealia Banks carved out a niche as rap’s first professional Twitter troll by starting a string of beefs with artists as diverse as Lily Allen, Disclosure, T.I., Lady Gaga and Iggy Azalea. The femcee unexpectedly found herself on the receiving end last night (December 30) when Naughty Boy randomly fired shots. “U talkin bout hip hop culture when your first rap words were ‘that c*** getting eaten’ hahaha,” he tweeted in reference to the 23-year-old’s first (and only) hit “212.”

The UK artist/producer then posted a picture of Azealia and made an unnecessary remark about her appearance. “Why are u always on my dick though?” she finally responded. “Ur like obsessed with me and I still don’t know u outside of Ferdy.” The man behind Sam Smith-voiced smash “La La La” then retweeted a couple of fans and wrote: “I’m just a social commentator. The hype just creates itself. Try stop me.” Oh, and he also had some kind words for Iggy: “Keep ya head up.” See the somewhat bizarre Twitter exchange after the jump. More »

The 2014 Year-End Floppy Awards: RaeLynn, Azealia Banks, Madonna, Fergie & Nick Jonas Sweep The Floppys!

Bitch It's The Floppys!

Sure, there were countless moments in 2014 that snatched our wigs, but there were so many more that made us Cissy our Houstons.

Over the last 12 months, music-lovers were treated to quirky delights from Sia and Lana Del Rey and barely survived the painfully basic punch of “All About That Bass” being #1 for umpteen weeks.

Whether you think this was one of the best or worst musical years in history, it’s time to honor those who made it as unforgettable as…well…you know that one singer who was so popular a few years ago…with that one song? What was their name?

Never mind: Idolator’s Floppy Awards are back and ready to crown this year’s kweens and kings of flop! More »

T.I. Defends Iggy Azalea In Regard To Azealia Banks’ Criticism In Twitter Statement: Read The Tweets

15 Pop Music Shade-Fests Of 2014
15 Pop Music Shade-Fests Of 2014
Oh boy, did the shade ran rampant this year in music! These are the biggest beefs of 2014.

This ongoing fued between Iggy Azalea and Azealia Banks is not dying down any time soon. In fact, it’s only growing larger by the day.

Following Banks’ emotional interview with Hot 97, in which she expressed a frustration and anger regarding cultural appropriation and the recognition of white artists over black artists in reference to Iggy’s recent Grammy nominations (“The Grammys are supposed to be accolades of artistic excellence. Iggy Azalea is not excellent,” she explained), the Australian rapper decided to fire back on Twitter, calling Banks “petty and spiteful.”

In response, Q-Tip sent a long, thorough explanation of the history of hip-top to Iggy Azalea via Twitter. And now, T.I. is jumping into the ring as well.

In a stream of tweets last night, the “No Mediocre” rapper shared his own thoughts on the matter, responding to Q-Tip’s history lesson sent to Iggy, as well as Banks’ criticism: “…ok…,” he began, “Yes @IGGYAZALEA @QtipTheAbstract all these facts are true. This is useful info to absorb as U find yourself in da midst of several people who U may not share many things in common with besides #HipHop. Understanding the plight assists U in knowing how to accept,respect & live in harmony even without a boatload of similarities.” Read the rest of his tweets after the jump. More »

The 15 Best Pop Music Shade-Fests Of 2014

The Claws Are Out!
Idolator editors pick their 20 favorites from the past 12 months.

Oh boy, did the shade run rampant this year in music! Blame social media or blame the artistic ego, but whatever the reason, we got our fair share of beef happening in the streets. Sometimes it’s fun to witness — especially when it comes down to picking sides. But what happens when two of your favorites are going toe-to-toe with the insults? Whatever do you do? Events like the recent Diddy/Drake drama (who are apparently fighting over the reportedly stolen “0 To 100″ track) got us thinking about all the other beefs that ran through this year!

The more famous feuds involved the dueling of prominent pop stars, so chances are you felt torn at least once this year when it came down to the now infamous brawls. Regardless of the side you were on, you were at the very least entertained. So we at Idolator have compiled a list of 15 Shade-Fests-slash-Beefs from 2014. From sassy pop divas to hip-hop legends, there was a ton of erratic behavior going on. You know you loved it all, though (and so did we). Check out our shadiest picks below! More »

Iggy Azalea Targeted By Hacking Collective Anonymous, In Response To Beef With Azealia Banks

The 20 Best Pop Singles Of 2014: 20 Favorites
The 20 Best Pop Singles Of 2014: 20 Favorites
Idolator's editors select 20 great singles from the past 12 months.

Iggy Azalea‘s ongoing beef with Azealia Banks took a strange turn this weekend when hacking collective Anonymous took sides — and attempted to make a statement of it.

On December 19, the faceless collective announced that, if Azalea doesn’t apologize within 48 hours to Banks and #blacklivesmatter protesters, it will release photographic proof of a sex tape. Two days later, though, Anonymous called off the stunt, accusing MTV in particular for misreporting their actions.

Fuck it,” Anonymous said on Twitter. “We try to actually send a message to the masses about the importance of the individual consciousness … then @MTV flips it as a misogynist threat, something about us actually releasing a sex tape. This is not true. And since the actual message has been distorted by both rumors and faux entertainment conglomerates like @MTV on an alleged leak happening … we’ve taken the collective decision of scrapping the entire countdown. Expect us soon.” More »