The Internet Is Pissed About U2′s Free ‘Songs Of Innocence’ Album, And Critics Are Divided: Review Revue

Yes, U2 ‘did a Beyoncé‘ and released a surprise album out of nowhere. But beyond even what Bey did, the band’s Songs Of Innocence LP also showed up on everyone’s Apple user’s iPhone as a special corporate tie-in…whether they wanted it or not.

That lack of consumer choice, perhaps unsurprisingly, led to more than just a little grumbling and snark on the Internet: “A slew of Apple users are complaining that the album is automatically appearing in iTunes and on their iOS devices whether they want it there or not. And there’s no truly quick and simple way to remove it,” tech site CNET concluded. And the reactions — mostly on Twitter — were largely hilarious.

But beyond the inescapable factor, there’s still a new U2 album at hand. So…is it even any good? Read on after the jump to find out what music critics around the globe had to say. More »

Lil’ Kim & Jadakiss’ “Real Sick”: Listen To The New ‘Hard Core’ Mixtape Song

Somehow, some way, Lil’ Kim‘s latest Hard Core mixtape song to surface isn’t a Nicki Minaj-dragging affair. Instead, the Queen Bee pairs up with fellow New Yorker Jadakiss for some rhymes laid over a sample of 1998 Puff Daddy, Notorious B.I.G. and Busta Rhymes collab “Victory.”

“Married to the game, nah, we don’t do dates / I’m eatin’ good but I gotta watch my weight / 14 carats in my salad bowl plate,” Kim raps on “Real Sick,” which premiered on DJ KaySlay’s SiriusXM show today. Her full Hard Core mixtape will arrive at 9:11 p.m. tonight. Until then, get “sick” below. More »

Dami Im Performs A Beautiful Acoustic Version Of “Gladiator”: Watch

Never Gonna Give Up
Dami Im hasn’t set a foot wrong since winning X Factor Australia. Sure, her winner’s single “Alive” owes a small debt to Katy Perry‘s “Roar” but the South Korean-born diva found her sound on “Super Love” and then delivered one of the best pop anthems of 2014 with “Gladiator”. The rising star continues to impress with a beautiful acoustic version of her current hit.

Dami and her guitarist transform the toetapper into a stripped-back ballad that showcases the full range of her powerful pipes. She not only sounds amazing and but looks like a model in her elegant black dress. It will be interesting to see what direction the Aussie pop queen takes on her third studio LP because that voice is capable of just about anything. Watch up top. More »

Giuliana Rancic Confirms That Ariana Grande Will Only Be Filmed From The Left

Ariana Grande generated a wave of bad publicity during her recent Australian promo tour by issuing strict instructions about the questions she could be asked and prohibiting photos being taken from her right side. Things came to a head when the “Break Free” hitmaker walked out of a photo shoot and refused to return. To make matters worse, her team allegedly tried to stop the photographer from leaving with his equipment.

Red carpet correspondent Giuliana Rancic further exposed Ariana’s diva behavior in a new interview. “I think she does have a little diva thing going on,” the E! personality told viewers. She then revealed an encounter with the 21-year-old at the American Music Awards. “Ariana comes over and elbow in my side and they pushed me to my other side. It was get on the other side or we don’t do an interview,” she revealed. “It’s one thing if it’s Mariah, I’ll get on any side… but when you’re new on the block, when you’re young… I feel like you just gotta do what you gotta do.” More »

Iggy Azalea’s Adorable High School Yearbook Photos Just Went Viral

You know you’ve made it when randoms from high school start posting yearbook photos online. (To be specific, Australian high schools don’t have a yearbook — just an end of year photo. But you get the drift!) Iggy Azalea‘s childhood snaps emerged today (September 11) and are already going viral. Which is strange because these aren’t even that embarrassing.

Mullumbimby High School’s class of 2005 included a young Amethyst Kelly (her real name). She looks cute as a button with her long blond locks and swaggy grin, which proves that she was always a bad bitch. It’s great to see some of the steps in Iggy’s transition from school girl in country New South Wales to chart-topping rap diva. See more pics after the jump. More »

Miley Cyrus Posts NSFW Nude Shower Photo With A Heart Over Her Ass: Enjoy!

After her exhausting night of showing 2 Chainz her Dirty Hippie dildo and air-tonguing Kris Jenner during New York Fashion week, Miley Cyrus delighted her Instagram followers with — oh, what else would it be? — a naked photo. And this one was in a shower! (That’s new.) Much like her topless desert pic from earlier this summer, the “Wrecking Ball” nudist opted to tease, rather than show the goods in all their glory. Guess you’ll just have to pick up the latest issue of V magazine if you want to see Cyrus’ assets full-on.

Anyway, Miley accompanied said photo with this caption: “FUCK YEAH PUERTO RICAN SHOWER #showeringinnatureisdashitmane”. Now, we’ve always assumed “Puerto Rican shower” was a derogatory term, but perhaps in Miley Land it means kittens and lollipops and rainbows? More »

Duke Dumont Announces ‘EP1′ Out On September 16, North American Tour This Fall

He’s struck gold not once, not twice, but three times in a row across the pond with “Need U (100%) (feat. A*M*E),” (#1) “I Got U (feat. Jax Jones)” (#1) and “Won’t Look Back” (#2) — and now, British DJ/producer Duke Dumont is hitting North America with a full-fledged EP.

EP1, which will be released stateside on September 16, will include the UK smash “I Got U” (and the MK remix), as well as “Won’t Look Back” and “The Giver.” And that’s not all!

The DJ will also be returning to North America this fall for a headlining tour, for all your party-rocking raver delight. Check out the tracklisting and tour dates below, and dance it up to “Won’t Look Back” after the jump. More »

Kimbra Commissioned Artwork For Each Track On Her Album ‘The Golden Echo’: See The Images & Read Her Explanations Of Each One

In August, Grammy winner Kimbra released her sophomore LP The Golden Echo (see our review of the album here, and purchase on iTunes here). Expanding her project beyond just music, the New Zealand singer commissioned a series of artists to create artwork inspired by each song on her new album. The pieces were first shown at small event in Los Angeles recently, and now Idolator is premiering the work online.

Flip through the gallery of all of the artwork above, along with a corresponding track-by-track, art-piece-by-art-piece commentary from Kimbra herself. More »

Nick Jonas Talks Going Nude On ‘Kingdom’, Hints At Gay Character Plot Line On ‘Watch What Happens Live’: Watch

He's Got A Big...Story Line!
You’ve got to hand it to Nick Jonas: He’s a real trooper.

While the newly solo crooner’s genuinely excellent new single “Jealous” just dropped this week, it seems more people would rather talk about his bulging muscles than his vocal chops. (But let’s call a spade a spade: He’s a babe.)

During an appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, the singer fielded some fan questions from the phone lines. And of course, who’s got time to talk music? One caller dialed in to find out whether or not Nick — who’s due to star in the upcoming boxing-themed series Kingdom on DirecTV — would ever consider stripping down for a role. “Oh, I just did a lot of nudity,” he revealed.

And that’s not all! “My character has a big, um…” he began with a pause, making the entire clubhouse briefly crack up. A big what? Oh — a storyline! “Revolving around his sexuality,” he continued.

“Is he bi-curious?!” Andy eagerly inquired. “We will see,” Nick teased. Oh, Andy! More »

Miley Cyrus Pals Around With 2 Chainz, Kris Jenner & Jeremy Scott At Dirty Hippie Art Thing: (PHOTOS)

Now we know why Miley Cyrus was Instagram-ing these crazy pics of herself wearing tiny toys, key chains and various other knick knacks back in July — she was prepping for her very first art installation, Dirty Hippie. The event took place during designer Jeremy Scott‘s New York Fashion Week show on Wednesday (September 11), and drew the likes of Kris Jenner, one of those other Kardashian girls, 2 Chainz, Tish Cyrus, a giant plastic alien and Miley’s ever-present tongue.

The art and fashion worlds were likely rocked to their cores by this Very Important moment. Don’t believe us? Just check out 2 Chainz’s evident awe as Miley shows him “the #dirtyhippie dildo.” That gem and several others can be found in the gallery above. More »