Katy Perry Reveals The Tracklist Of ‘Smile’

Mike Wass | August 6, 2020 5:53 pm
Katy's Cute 'Smile' Video
Katy Perry clowns around in her adorable 'Smile' performance video.

Katy Perry has unveiled the tracklist of Smile in a typically wacky way. “Actual footage of me spilling some [tea] about the new album,” the pop star captioned a pastel-colored picture with dozens of balls that reveal song titles. Of course, she couldn’t resist a final pun: “Hope you’ve had a ball with it all.” So what made the cut? Well, “Smile” is there — obviously — along with previous singles “Daisies,” “Never Really Over” and “Harleys In Hawaii.” Perhaps “Never Worn White” and “Small Talk” are being saved as bonus tracks?

There are also a couple of familiar titles among the new songs. Katy has previously spoken about “Teary Eyes,” describing it as a banger “about just dancing through your tears.” She has also referenced “What Makes A Woman” in interviews, explaining that it is a message to her unborn daughter. The rest of the tracklist is equally tantalizing. Titles like “Cry About It Later,” “Not The End Of The World” and “Champagne Problems” have got my full attention. See the tracklist below and order your alternate Smile album cover here before time runs out.

Katy’s Smile tracklist:

1. Never Really Over

2. Cry About It Later

3. Teary Eyes

4. Daisies

5. Resilient

6. Not The End Of The World

7. Smile

8. Champagne Problems

9. Tucked

10. Harleys in Hawaii

11. Only Love

12. What Makes a Woman

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